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Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Fun Infographic Tool from Intel

By Tom Collins

Intel-WhatAboutMe-InfoGraphicTool-72-sizedI came across this one in a WebProNews post by Chris Crum: Intel's free tool called What About Me? that enables you to automatically create an infographic about yourself! The data about you comes from your Facebook account, along with your Twitter and YouTube accounts (the latter two optional).

In giving it a try, I decided to include Twitter, but not YouTube, for no particular reason. If you click on the thumbnail, you can see what mine spit out.

My first reaction was that using What About Me? would likely be a one-time diversion — a little bit of fun, but without much practical use.

I was surprised, though, by learning things that might actually help me get more out of the ways I use Facebook and Twitter.

For example, my infographis scolds me, "Less talk, more pics!" Me, a visual learner and (I thought) communcator!

In the "My Mood" section, it rates my words and tone as just little on the happy side of neutral. Again, I'm surprised. I feel cheerful most of the time and wonder how the tool got a less smiley impression of me. Do I need to include more emoticons in my Tweets?

But the item that makes me think this tool could have some serious application is the suggestion at the bottom right: "How will my story change? Come back and find out!"

I think I will.

What about a "What About Me?" for You?

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