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Don’t Let Perfection Lead To Pet Blogging Stagnation

Guest post by Robbi Hess

In a recent Mastermind conversation with Mary Cravets. the Business Speed Networker, she mentioned that many people don't kick projects off because of: Perfection Stagnation. Bottom line… you feel your
every word, your every project, your every webpage has to be perfect before you release it to the public. 

Are you being held back by your own fears of perfection? Do you have blog post ideas that you simply haven't put down on paper yet because you're not certain if they're good enough?

Have you attended a networking event and been too nervous to give your elevator speech because you aren't sure if the exact wording? What about starting a newsletter to reach out to your followers and friends? Have you thought of starting one but never kicked the project off because you weren't sure what to write in it, how to design it, what newsletter program to use, etc. etc. 

Are you letting your ideals of perfection get in the way of doing… well… anything? What is making your pet blogging projects stagnate? How can you move past it? 

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  1. what I did was commit to the 30 Days of Imperfection Blog Challenge http://www.annepillsburycoaching.com/2012/11/22/30-days-of-imperfection-blog-post-challenge/ I committed for the month of December (so 31 days) and as soon as i did that ideas just started flowing…I have a long enough list of ideas for posts now to last for quite a while…I’ve only missed one day – when the squirrels chewed through the line and I lost internet…It’s been a great exercise and I think my blog is starting to find it’s voice through daily writing

  2. When I first started writing, I asked everybody what they thought about what I was composing. However, I found that if they liked it, I was overjoyed. But if they didn’t like it, I was crushed. Once I realized that what others thought didn’t matter, I quit asking for their opinions and just wrote what I wanted. It was wonderful… so freeing…and ever so much more fun!

  3. I just wanted to thank you Blog Paws, for this most helpful post. I think that as a little dog blogger, I too have fallen into this trap. I have lots to say, lots of joy to share, and it does not need to be a super long post full of photos. Nor does it need to be perfect. You have helped me turn over a new leaf, and thus I will start doing many more posts, little things here and there, more frequently. I actually started today with a tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary.
    Thank you again my friends!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Love, Pixel Blue Eyes

  4. Thanks for this. I want to start a blog, but don’t have ideas worked out. I see lots of others doing blogs here and should be able to keep my 2013 resolution to start.
    What site do you use to blog on?????? There are a lot of them out there.

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