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Foundations of Reporting for Pet Bloggers

Robin-Meggy-headshotHow cool would it be if someone could teach pet bloggers what we really need to know about being a pet reporter, from the foundation on up? Robin Bisha is the lady to fit that bill: She's teaching a session in "Foundations of Reporting for Pet Bloggers" at the now sold-out 2013 BlogPaws Conference.

In addition to her teaching duties, she's also leading the charge with pre-breakfast yoga on both Friday and Saturday – and yoga is pet friendly, so bring your furry family member along!

Here's what you can expect at Robin's session this year:

BlogPaws: Hey Robin, we are excited to see you. What's your background for folks attending this year's session with you?

Robin Bisha: I’m a journalism professor, and my session is for bloggers who want to
enhance the value of their information for followers by employing professional
reporting practices and standards. We will think about how to approach some
sensitive story topics that might come up.

BlogPaws: What do you hope folks gain by attending your session?

Robin: I hope people will  leave with  additional resources
to enhance value of information in their  blog posts, practice in
marshalling sources to support a strong opinion on a controversial topic and
enhanced ability to recognize solid reporting before passing on stories from
other blogs or news outlet.

BlogPaws: So, do you have pets?

Robin: MOL  I have lived my entire life in the company of cats (well,
maybe one month there weren’t any cats in my house, but I always have had cat
and dog friends). Everyone in my cat family is a rescue or someone who just
showed up at our house. Becket and Belle, Bombay cats, came from a Siamese
rescue near Dallas. Karma, Cheshire Kitten, and Nutmeg showed up when they were
kittens. Reggie had been eating here for a year or more before coming in. Huck
and Sparkle were born to a feral mom and brought here; they live in the
“garden.” We also have Ms Kittie right now. We thought she was pregnant, even
the vet thought she was, but the X-Ray she had yesterday revealed that she’s
now. She’s supposed to be a foster, but if everyone else likes her, she gets to

BlogPaws: Where can folks connect online with you?

Robin: http://CheshireLovesKarma.com,
@CheshireK, @NutmegTorby, @RobinBisha (but I hardly ever get to tweet as me!)

BlogPaws: What is something about you people would be surprised to learn?

Robin: I deeply wish that one of the kitties would consent
to become a therapy cat and go with me to help people chill out, get better or
learn to read.

BlogPaws: What's a favorite blog stop for you?

Robin: Your Daily Cute. I have to have my daily cute. Vox Felina is another

Catch up with Robin at BlogPaws during her session on Saturday, May 18 from 9:45 to 10:45 am. We are sold out!

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  1. This is quite an interesting conversation with Robin! I do love blogging about my pets and I, too, want to share some tips and insights on how to properly take care of them. Sessions like this could enhance not only the pet bloggers’ writing skills, but it can also engage others to start a blog and share information, whether it is personal or for business.

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