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Copyright Law for Bloggers

PugDid that above title catch your attention? It should because it is a very important topic, and one that all bloggers should have an understanding of or about.

Paul Jorgensen, Washington, D.C., will be on hand for this year's sold-out BlogPaws Conference, where he will be dishing all about Copyright Law for bloggers. Here's what to expect:

BlogPaws: Hey Paul, this is a great session. I understand this is your first BlogPaws Conference. What can folks expect to learn at your session?

Paul Jorgensen:  I will be
presenting on what bloggers need to know about copyright: what it protects and
what it doesn't.  This will be a practical seminar clarifying how bloggers
can protect their own work and how they can safely borrow from others.  I
hope to answer a lot of questions too.

BlogPaws: So when attendees walk away, what knowledge should they have?

Paul: Separating the myth from the reality of copyrights.  Becoming savvy
about their intellectual property.

BlogPaws: What are you expecting or looking forward to seeing at BlogPaws?

Paul: Lots of doubly dedicated folks: dedicated to their pets and to blogging.

BlogPaws: Any pets?

Paul: Yep, my 8-year-old Pug, Sloppy Joe.

BlogPaws: What is something folks would be surprised to learn about you?

Paul: I commute by bike to work, 25 miles a day.

BlogPaws: Sites you visit daily?

Paul: Facebook, Huffington Post and Food Truck Fiesta.

BlogPaws: And blogs you just can't miss?

Paul: BevLog, Above the Law, and TTABlog.

BlogPaws: Where can we find you online?

Paul: My
firm website is www.jorgensenfirm.com,
and I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Watch for Paul's session happening at the sold-out BlogPaws Conference, Saturday May 18 from 11 am to 12 pm. See you there!

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