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How to Make Money Pet Blogging

SusanIf you want to make money pet blogging, then coming to the BlogPaws Conference is pivotal to your goals. If you can't make it, be sure to be a part of our online commuity and BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network.

For those attending the BlogPaws 2013 sold out Conference, Susan Getgood has a treat for you. In her Saturday morning session, Susan plans to tackle "VIP Influencer Marketing." Here's the inside scoop:

BlogPaws: This is your second time coming to BlogPaws. What specifically what will you be speaking

Susan Getgood: Monetization
strategies – if you want to make money withyour blog, how to go about it.

BlogPaws: What do you hope people
gain/learn by attending your session?

Susan: Action
plan for monetizing.

BlogPaws: What is your favorite aspect
of attending BlogPaws/what do you most anticipate as an attendee?

Susan: It’s
a great community. And Yvonne is one of the first people in social media that I
met face to face.

BlogPaws: Do you have pets and if so, their names/ages/types,
etc ?

Susan: Dogs  Cash 5
and Penny 3/ Cats Butch 12
Geronimo 11 Magic 8

BlogPaws: Where can people learn more
about you? (blog, Twitter handle, Facebook links, etc):

Susan: Marketing
Roadmaps at getgood.com/roadmaps

Chronicles at snapshotchronicles.com


BlogPaws: Just for fun, what is
something about you people would be surprised to learn?

Susan: I
was a huge soap opera fan in the late 70s and early 80s. General Hospital all
the way!

BlogPaws: What is one website you visit at least once

Susan: BlogHer.com

BlogPaws:  What is a favorite blog or blogger you follow
regularly? (other than your own)

Susan: Woulda
Coulda Shoulda (Mir Kamin)

Susan's session is 9:45 to 10:45 am on Saturday, May 18th. Join us!

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