5 Reasons Why Being a Pet Blogger is the Best

It doesn’t matter the stage in your career or your blogging goals–full-timer, moonlighter, hobbyist, volunteer, etc.–here’s the truth: Being a pet blogger is the best!

5 Reasons Why Being a Pet Blogger is the Best

Here are five reasons why I know that being a pet blogger is the best… but I’d love to know your reasons!

    1. You can work from anywhere! Maybe your cat’s feeling needy (it’s not just my cat who goes through those phases, is it?). Move your laptop to the sofa, build up a blanket mound next to you, and get some snuggles in while you type away. Or perhaps you’re headed on vacation with your pups in tow! Our devices make it so easy to get work done (i.e. snapping super adorable pictures of our pets) while on the road or even lounging on the beach!
    2. You’re surrounded by your inspiration. Every single thing that your ferret, dog, bunny, cat, hamster, mini pet pig, chicken, or whatever your pet does is a potential blog post. Daily adventures–your evening dog walk, your cat’s afternoon food puzzle–provides you with material to keep Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook well-stocked with fresh cuteness. And, when you’re feeling a bit of writer’s block or you’ve received a negative comment that’s got you down, nothing beats a quick snuggle with your beloved pet to recharge your spirit and get you back to work!
    3. You’re have unique opportunities to give back. Most of us are passionate about and involved in animal welfare in some way. You might volunteer at your local shelter or provide transport for rescues. Or maybe you fundraise for a cause that’s dear to you. By having a voice and a platform, you have unique opportunities to spread awareness about animal welfare issues and provide your audience with ways to step in and help, too. For instance, I was honored to be a Best Friends ambassador and have gotten to share their message on my blog and across social to encourage my audience to learn more. Another blogger I know is active in TNR in her community, and she chronicles those experiences to spread a positive message. Which brings me to…
    4. You educate and inspire others. As cat blogger extraordinaire Deb Barnes pointed out in her fantastic post, “We’re a blogging community with potential for enormous influence…” We all have the chance to teach responsible pet ownership or to inspire others to take part in animal welfare initiatives. We can teach our readers anything from how to clip your pet’s nails to the best brushes for a specific breed. We can inspire other animal lovers to take action on important animal welfare causes. Having our own platform to reach other animal levels is invaluable and provides amazing opportunities to educate and inspire our readers.
    5. We get to come together once a year and celebrate all the wonderful things about pet blogging! This week kicks of BlogPaws 2016 in Phoenix. Pet bloggers from around the globe come together to learn, network, inspire, and befriend one another. It’s fun, yes. But it’s also educational and inspiring and powerful to unite hundreds of animal-loving voices for one long weekend. Feel up to a last-minute trip? Join us!

There you have it! Five reasons, in my opinion, why pet blogging is the best! What about you? What’s your favorite part of being a pet blogger?

5 Reasons Why Being a Pet Blogger is the Best HERO

Maggie Marton serves as the BlogPaws senior editor. When not hiking with her two pit mixes, Emmett and Cooper, or playing with Newt the Cat, Maggie writes about them (and the pet industry) at ohmydogblog.com and maggiemarton.com.

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