5 Tips to Stop Stewing and Start Writing

As writers and bloggers, we tend to swing one of two ways: stream of consciousness or the pursuit of perfection. What if I told you there was a better way? Read on for five simple tips to move your writing forward in a positive way, and bring more readers along for the ride. Ready, set, go!

5 Tips to Stop Stewing and Start Writing

  1. Write what you know. That isn’t to say research isn’t necessary; it is. But if your specialty is African Grey Parrots, you may want to take a pass on Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs. If you know African Grey Parrots inside out, be the go-to expert and work to position yourself as the one others seek for your opinions and knowledge. Live in your niche.
  2. Write the very best piece you can, and put it aside to season overnight. Read it over the next day with fresh eyes. Did you strike the right tone? Would you want to read this if you hadn’t written it? What does this article do to help your reader?
  3. Proof. Proof. If we want to be seen as knowledgeable, capable and an expert in our field, we can’t rely on spell-checkers to proof our writing. Read it frontward and backward. Nothing says amateur like sloppy mistakes and misplaced apostrophes.
  4. Remember we’re all in this together. Be right in there with your readers. Be prepared to soften the tone and create a bond by using the word “we” to establish and promote a sense of camaraderie.
  5. Be gracious. Think back for a moment to folks you admire and those you’d rather not cross again. As a writer, you want to connect with your readers, sharing a story that will resonate long after they’ve read your words. An expert is not a know-it-all.

Why does it matter?

As writers, we can compose with different goals in mind. To inform. To convert. To sell something. But, first and foremost, our goal is to have a conversation. To communicate. To share ideas. As writers in this BlogPaws community, we are blessed to play second fiddle to the animals in our lives, and that’s more than okay.  The dogs and cats and birds and guinea pigs open the doors to our audience.

It’s our job to start the conversations and share their stories.

Your turn!

What are your go-tos for overcoming a stew session? How do you get yourself to stop thinking and start writing?

Deborah Fingerlow, is a long-time writer and communicator. In addition to her blog, www.ridingthedime.com, she guest posts for additional sites across the country on topics ranging from travel to dogs to relationships and more.  She will be launching a new blog, DogLoversOnVespas next month, along with the DogLoversPodcast.  

Image: DomDew_Studio/Shutterstock.com

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