5 Goal-Getting Posts You Need for Blogging Success

Did you attend the first #BlogPawsChat of 2018?

We talked about setting goals and declarations for the new year. Everyone had tons of awesome, big, audacious goals. We’re now a few weeks into the new year: How’s your progress coming along on those big goals?

5 Goal-Getting Posts You Need for Blogging Success

Many bloggers and solopreneurs set lofty goals at the start of each year–as they should–but oftentimes the motivation and focus peter out as the days go by. The minutia of the everyday starts to pile on, and those big goals get pushed aside.

If, two weeks into the year, you feel yourself starting down that path, tackling emergent tasks all day long instead of chipping away at your big goals, this post is for you! Check out these five posts that tackle the biggest roadblocks to goal-getting:

If you’re losing motivation…

Go back to basics. Ask yourself: Is my content, is my time, are my goals aligned with my purpose? Be sure to read How to Align Your Why with Your Blogging Strategy for serious inspiration.

If you’re struggling with time management…

Check out Write Faster, Earn More: The Power of the Pomodoro Technique. From the post, “If you’ve ever felt like multi-tasking may lead to your early demise, you’ll appreciate this time-management strategy, which is based off the belief that juggling a million tasks without taking a break simply doesn’t work.” It’s a time-tested, effective method; in fact, my writing group swears by it for our weekly sessions!

If you’re in a slump…

OK, I’m sneaking two posts in here because slumps can happen for a couple reasons: either you’re just in a rut (which happens to everyone!) or you’re feeling stuck. If you’re in a rut–tired of the same old content–check out these 17 Ways to Get Out of a Rut. If you’re in a creative slump and feeling stuck, here are 15 hacks to get past feeling creatively fried.

If you’re looking to grow your technical skills…

Chief among the goals mentioned during that Twitter chat was developing technical abilities. Many bloggers launch because they’re passionate about writing or photography, not necessarily the nitty-gritty of what a blog technically requires. If you fall into that camp (I know I do!), one skill to develop this year is learning Google Analytics. This Advanced Google Analytics post is a great place to dive in!

If you’re being too hard on yourself…

Goal-getters are constantly too hard on themselves. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes; learn from them. Blogging is an ever-changing medium, and if you’re a goal-oriented person, it’s important to stop moving the bar on yourself. Take time to celebrate your wins! (Or, if you’re struggling with gremlins like imposter syndrome, read How to Be a Confident Influencer.)

Want even more goal-setting, goal-getting inspo? Check out this ultimate roundup of goal-digging blog posts to keep your eye on the prize!

Your turn!

What goals have you set for yourself and your blog for the year ahead? How are you progressing toward achieving them?

Maggie Marton serves as the BlogPaws senior editor. When not hiking with her two pit mixes, Emmett and Cooper, or playing with Newt the Cat, Maggie writes about them (and the pet industry) at ohmydogblog.com and maggiemarton.com

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