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Contests, Money-Saving Coupon Codes And A Pet Blogging Week In Review

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Twitter chats, photo contests, recently released newsletters and more.Whew! So much goes on in a
Nove,berPetHEatlhAwareness week at BlogPaws and if you're not a member of the BlogPaws Community, haven't signed up for the newsletter (the sign up box is on the site homepage)  or read the posts regularly you could be missing out! 

  • First things first. In case you missed our rocking Twitter #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday night, with Natural Solutions for Life, we chatted about their product, Natural Stride (Check them out on twitter with the hashtag #NaturalStride). The company manufactures supplements for both humans and dogs and are offering a 20% off coupon on purchases made through November, 19, 2013. Use code "BlogPaws" at checkout. Also, take a peek at their chart that shows how not all dog joint supplements are created equally. 
  • We made a new addition to our BlogPaws Learning Lab where we show you how to Code Your Own "Tweet-This" icon and also tell you why you'd want to code your own tweet. 

  • We kicked off November as Pet Health Awareness Month and I shared some tips on how to tell if and when your pet needs a vet and how I noticed that Henrietta, the Diva Poodle, needed a vet visit. Are you in tune with your dog's moods, temperament and signs of potential illness? 
  • 1382264_10151697208936721_1589015006_nOur PR Manager Carol Bryant shared pet health resources from PetMD and also urged all pet parents to take their fur babies to the vet for a health check up if they haven't had one recently. We need to be the health advocates for our pets. 
  • BlogPaws' VIP winners were announced. These VIPs will be treated to a lunch with our keynote panel of speakers at BlogPaws 2014 in Vegas. The panel includes: Chloe Divita, Dino Dogan and Lena West
  • The always popular Wordless Wednesday noted that "an active dog is a healthy dog." How much exercise does your pet get?
  • Blogging resources are crucial to the success of your pet blog, whether you're a newbie or a long-time pet blogger. We offered these 12 pet blogging resources for your review and perusal. 
  • Continuing a conversation started in the Writer's Group in the BlogPaws Community, I posed the question: "You know you're a pet blogger when…" We'd love to hear your stories and how you just knew you had to take up blogging or pet writing as a career or a hobby. Join the community and join the conversation. 
  • Stay tuned because we will be unveiling a brand new website in the near future. Rumor has it, we may also be running contests related to BlogPaws 2014. Don't forget to register (or give a registration as a gift). We sold out last year and you don't want to miss out! 




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