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Everyday Life Skills That Pet Blogging Can (and Maybe Should!) Teach Us

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

For many years I worked outside of the home. I endured the daily commute. Smiled those tight-lipped smiles you reserve for people at the office who are spouting phrases that no one should be allowed to say in public. Dealt with water cooler gossip (in one office there was an actual water cooler gossip did transpire. I wasn’t a happy camper and eventually embraced the idea that I had a very marketable skill (writing) and so I began the pursuit of a career that would allow me to work with people on my terms!

My writing and editing skills landed me a job at a local newspaper and because, as a reporter, I was out in the field more often than I was in the office, it was ideal! Then… the printing schedules changed and the hours changed which would have meant I would have had to leave for work when my children were getting off the school bus and not get home until midnight — I would have missed time managementfamily dinners and bedtime. Not an option.  It was then I launched my writing business. I edited books, magazines, owned my own magazine and then jumped into blogging and social media. I had found my niche and my career!

What has life as an entrepreneur and more importantly as a pet blogger, taught me about life? There are three major skills and I’d love to know if you agree or if being a pet blogger has taught you other valuable life skills. Here are mine:

  • Time management. Because I had children, I had gotten good at juggling schedules, but being a business owner and working from home really made me take stock of my time and my duties and become a time management guru. I write down my monthly, weekly and daily goals then map out the strategies and steps I need to take to achieve them. I schedule time for work, for fitness and of course for walking the diva poodle, Henrietta!
  • I am not an island. Yep, even when you’re a work-from-home pet blogger, you still need to interact with people! While it’s true that I don’t have to endure water cooler gossip, I do get to interact with people who share my passion and with whom I feel a kinship. There still may be a few “bad apples” but they definitely do not ruin my day! You need to be a consummate networker if you’re running a pet blogging (or any kind of business) because how will you make a living if you don’t network and find new clients? How will you spread the word about what you do if you don’t interact and if you aren’t genuine on social media? Bottom line: You won’t. Take time to network — both online and off — market yourself and most importantly don’t isolate yourself. You need conversations with the outside world in order to breathe life into your blogging and into your own life. Work in a coffee shop. Attend a conference. Join a MeetUp.
  • Follow your passions. If I hadn’t been passionate about writing and editing, I could be doing that job right now and be as unfulfilled as I was before. If you’re going to go into business for yourself or make the decision to become a pet blogger with whom to be reckoned you need to love what you do. Your passion will show through as will your dispassion. Find something you love then make steps to make it happen.

Has pet blogging helped you hone any valuable life skills?

(Photo: Shutterstock: Kitten and clock)

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