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Eight Blog Posts From Blogging Experts

Dog workby: Carol Bryant

I’ve been to four BlogPaws conferences, have been a fan of
BlogPaws the company from day one, and through hard work, determination,
fortitude, and a bit of fate, I now work for BlogPaws. Do I want a medal or an
award? Well, no, but sure, toss me your rose petals and doggie biscuits. Something
I’ve learned about BlogPaws is that they are a year-round company and their speakers
and bloggers offer a wealth of information.

From SEO optimization to monetizing your blog and even
frugal traveling tips with dogs, BlogPaws has it covered with one expert or
another. Take these eight blog posts from experts associated with BlogPaws as
cases in point:

SEO Boot Camp: Sounds scary, dirty and intense, right? Well,
intense but easily understood and completely in lessons that anyone from a
novice to an expert can understand, but most importantly, apply. Karen Nichols
of MouseBreathZine designed an SEO
boot camp
worth reading  (scroll to
the bottom to catch up).

Frugal Fido Traveling: Barkonomics at its finest from
Paris Permenter and John Bigley aka Dogtipper (and so many other Tippers we’ve
lost count). In their 28th book (yes, 28!) they explore ways dog
lovers could reduce their costs while, at the same time, providing their dogs
with a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Contests, Goodies, Giveaways, and Freebies: BlogPaws’
co-founder, Caroline Golon, launched the fab website, Daily Nuzzles, where pet bloggers can
share their contests with the world.

Scratchings and Sniffings and Lipsticking: In addition to
her long-time pet blog, Scratchings and Sniffings, BlogPaws’ co-founder, Yvonne
DiVita also blogs with Lipsticking.  This
is a blog written by women, for women, about women – and all their facets. From
being a mom, being a sister, being a boss, being a girlfriend, to just being a
girl, they cover the bases.

Writers and Bloggers, One Big Happy Family: The line between
writers and bloggers is a blurred one, right? We write, we blog, we blog, we
write. And BJ Bangs shares her BlogPaws

Should You Guest Blog? BlogPaws’ Blog Manager, Robbi Hess,
explored this topic and deciding if and when, if ever, you should consider
guest blogging

Media Kits for Bloggers: Have one? Want one? What’s
involved? We’re discussing it in the BlogPaws Community forum now. Media
kit info here.

Are you in the BlogPaws growing pack? Share your expertise and sharpen skills in our BlogPaws Community.

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