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Why Do People Unfollow Brands on Facebook?

100_1393by: Carol Bryant

As bloggers, we're all brands. If you are attempting to monetize, garner a following, and/or grow your blog, more than likely you have a Facebook page. (if you don't, run to get one).

An interesting study was released by Lab42, a market research company. In its study, 1,000 social media users were surveyed as to how they interact with brands on Facebook. You might be surprised by the reason folks interact with brands on Facebook and the number one reason they unfollow a brand.

On a high note, 87 percent of respondents said they LIKED a brand on Facebook. Of that same group, 82 percent said Facebook is a good place to interact with brands. As a blogger, this is good news.

What are the biggest motivators in LIKING a brand on Facebook?


A lot of the data in this report deals with brands with an actual product for sale, but as bloggers, many of us sell items, we monetize via the sale of other things (books, etc), and we want to garner LIKES, views, and comments. With this in mind, the number one reason for fans UNLIKING a brand's Facebook page is that the brand posted TOO FREQUENTLY. A whopping 73 percent of those surveyed unliked a brand for this reason.

So this tells us as pet bloggers that we need to be out there promoting what we do and ensuring that Facebook is a source of our engagement. Like many things in life, too much of something, however, might not necessarily be best.

BlogpawsYou can see the entire infographic here at Mashable. Meantime, do you consider your blog a "brand" and is Facebook engagement important to your blog's growth?


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  1. I agree that following anyone who posts too much can be a turn off. How often do you think a brand should post on Facebook? Once a day? Twice? Or 3-4 times a week? What about Twitter? At least daily, right? But how many times a day?

  2. I think it anywhere between 2 and 4 times a day is good for posting. For my personal Facebook, I may do more, but I leave the additional things and social fun play for Twitter. Twitter, too, is an awesome tool, as I bet many pet bloggers can attest.

  3. I do get turned off by brands that are constantly putting for the “buy me” messages. If you’re offering interesting info and cute pics along with the “buy me” updates I’ll continue subscribing, if not, I hide posts… I rarely unfollow.

  4. Although we aren’t really “selling” anything in the standard sense of the word…Facebook is a very important extension of our brand. We often share snippets and images from our blog on our Facebook page for those that only follow us on FB. It also provides us a great place to interact with people by commenting back and liking their comments. We are huge proponents of treating our blog, our name and our signature look as a *brand.*
    We post new blog content 1X day.
    We share new FB content 2-3X day.

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