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Do You Use Videos in Your Blog Posts?

176by: Carol Bryant

Each weekend, we turn the leash, er tables, on our BlogPaws community and followers. This go round, let's dish videos.

From Youtube to Tout and everything in between, vidoes are an important part of conveying a message. Consider the commercial on television: Even 15 to 30 second snippets can make an impact. So with that, how often do you post a video in your blog posts?

Once a week? A few times a week? Rarely? Never? Under what circumstances would you consider doing a video.

This question was inspired by BlogPaws' community member, Kia, who started a lively discussion on product reviews in the BlogPaws community forum.

Oh, and BlogPaws' members have showcased many a video in their posts about their BlogPaws experience. Have you seen these?


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  1. I love using videos in my blog posts and when I can’t create one, I’ll find one on YouTube. It’s a great way to keep people on our site longer and sometimes a video just adds something extra to a post – especially product reviews.

  2. Improving video editing is next on my to-do list. There are too many not good videos out there. With my five cats, there’s lots of action to showcase. News on the product reviews. I’ll have to check that out.

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