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BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Thanksgiving has passed and you're likely still feasting on leftovers, right? As pet lovers, we wonder…
Picture1 were you involved in the Black Friday shopping craze? Will you take advantage of Cyber Monday deals? If so, did you spend much of your shopping energies buying gifts and treats for your four-legged or feathered family members? 

This week, with holiday shopping in full swing, we'd love to know: 

  • Do you buy gifts for your pet? 
  • Do you plan for those purchases or are they spur-of-the-moment purchases?
  • Do you wrap the gifts? 

'll start. I do buy gifts for Henrietta, the Diva Poodle and I put thought into them. For example, I know she needs a new winter coat and a new pair of pajamas (yes, she wears pajamas!) and I will also pick up some of the snacks she loves. For the kitties, I will purchase new cat nip filled toys and another section for their kitty condo. 

If you like free gifts (and who doesn't!) hop over to My Divas Dish and enter to win free goodies from PetFoodDirect.. 

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  1. Do you buy gifts for your pet? Definitely – and for many dogs in need, too.
    Do you plan for those purchases or are they spur-of-the-moment purchases? both
    Do you wrap the gifts? Always.

  2. BOL!! Of course I buy pressies for Pepper! I do wrap them. They are sometimes planned and sometimes impulse buys. On black Friday, the first shopping I did was online purchases of dog stuff! BOL!!!

  3. We don’t buy much things for our guys, making our own treats just leaves toys and they don’t need that many of them.
    Jasmine definitely likes unwrapping presents way more than the presents themselves, which is interesting. There are certain kinds of toys she likes, though.

  4. My peeps always buy me gifts. Unfortunately, my Gotcha Day isn’t too far after Christmas so I may not get gifts then. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t wrap them or they’ll put them all in one big box and wrap it. If it’s gonna be a big gift like a new cat tree, they plan; otherwise TW just goes to Pet Central and picks out some stuff or shops online.

  5. I always buy gifts for both of my feline friends, Gracie and Benjamin Bunny. In fact, each of them has a stocking that is hung up with all the ones for the human members of my family. I think they have more fun hiding and sleeping in them than opening all the stocking stuffers hidden inside them.

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