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What Happened In BlogPaws Last Week? Read All About It

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Contests, tips and hints to enhance your pet blogging efforts, BlogPaws or Bust information and general
1240642_10151613424396721_912153900_n how-to tips for pet care were all a part of last week's BlogPaws blogging topics. Grab your beverage of choice, snuggle your pet on your lap and catch up on what you might have missed

  • Following a retreat with the Executive Team at BlogPaws Central in Colorado we spent a lot of time discussing the upcoming BlogPaws 2014 Conference. We brainstormed speakers, topics and extra activities, keynote speakers and more. All of our talk got me to wondering about whether pet bloggers are looking at their efforts as a business and their attendance at a conference as a luxury — if you're a serious pet blogger, then you need to look at yourself as a business and coming to BlogPaws 2014 as a necessary step in your business. Can you afford to attend BlogPaws? If you're a serious pet blogger, we ask, can you afford not to attend BlogPaws 2014.

  • As a pet parent with a high-maintenance breed (a diva poodle!) I appreciated the grooming tips offered by our PR Manager and Pet Mom Extraordinaire Carol Bryant about what to look for in a pet groomer
  • Wordless Wednesday was a round up of smiling, grinning, happy pets! Have you ever joined one of our BlogHops? It's easy and drives traffic to your site. 
  • As a pet blogger what is your number one priority for blogging? To get traffic to your site, right? We had a great post that offered tips here for doing just that. 
  • 559798_10151605710561721_1296731090_nOne of the biggest announcements we had at BlogPaws last week was the kick off of our BlogPaws or Bust contest. Click the link to read about it and get your entry in — contest closes October 9. 
  • Do you take a lot of photos of your pet? I can tell you I have more pictures of Henrietta, Diva Poodle on my phone than I do of my family and I imagine all pet parents can boast the same! If you're great at capturing picture worthy moments of your pet you need to understand how you can harness the power of Pinterest to enhance your pet blogging efforts. 
  • Don't forget to join the BlogPaws Community to interact with like-minded pet lovers and check back here for more information on contests and our monthly themed events. 

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