Create Contracts For A Purpose-Driven Business

This BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout brought Paul Jorgensen and Kathleen Gage together to discuss what a blogger needs to not only have a purpose driven business, but to also put contracts in place to protect him- or herself as the business grows.

Paul, an attorney at the Jorgensen Law Firm, and Kathleen Gage of Power up for Profits who will both be speaking at the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville were asked how these two topics meld together for one powerful Hangout. At the Conference Kathleen will be speaking on Your Message, Your Mission, Your Movement; Discover How to Build a Profitable, Purpose Driven Business. Paul will talk about Understanding Contracts Better Than Your Lawyer – Key Things That All Bloggers Need to Know.

For more details and to watch the Hangout click for Create Contracts For A Purpose-Driven Business.

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