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BlogPaws Cares & Shares: Create Contracts For A Purpose-Driven Business

This BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout brought Paul Jorgensen and Kathleen Gage together to discuss what a blogger needs to not only have a purpose driven business, but to also put contracts in place to protect him- or herself as the business grows.

Paul, an attorney at the Jorgensen Law Firm, and Kathleen Gage of Power up for Profits who will both be speaking at the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville were asked how these two topics meld together for one powerful Hangout. At the Conference Kathleen will be speaking on Your Message, Your Mission, Your Movement; Discover How to Build a Profitable, Purpose Driven Business. Paul will talk about Understanding Contracts Better Than Your Lawyer – Key Things That All Bloggers Need to Know.

To kick off the Hangout, Carol Bryant asked Kathleen to explain what a purpose-driven business is. She said, it’s about identifying your message and your mission for your business. Carol asked if a blog is a business. Kathleen said that a blog is a means to an end for making money — it is a piece of your business. A purpose-driven business means you should be asking, “WHO is my business. WHO am I here to serve?”

Carol asked Paul, “At what point should a contract come into play?” Paul shared that we make contracts all the time. “When we say we will take our kids to the movie, or go out to dinner with a friend, that is a contract.” He further explains that you need to decide when a contract needs to be more formal, be written down. “If you have a complex situation with someone who doesn’t know us needs to know if we will do what we say we’re going to do, then it’s shutterstock_120786073probably time to have a contract.” The pieces that go into a contract could be broken down into minute particles and could either be simple or complex. Contracts will spell out the “consideration” involved and that could be in the form of a trade of services or the exchange of cash.

Do you have a purpose-driven business? Do you have contracts in place to protect yourself as your business, and your blog continues to grow. These questions (and likely much more!) will be answered at the Conference. Join in the online discussion and read the comments that happened during this Hangout by clicking here.

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