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Book Review: Tip Top Dog Care

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Tiptopdog_100I met the author of the book, "Top Dog's Top Tips For Tip Top Dog Care" at a recent networking event and when I found out that she was a dog lover, well it was only natural that we started talking! Author, Eileen Proctor, was speaking to the group about ways to get your name in the media. She speaks to entrepreneurs and pet lovers alike. Because of her involvement in animal rescue and myriad animal causes, she penned this book of tips.

The book, written in a light, breezy and humorous style, offers common sense tips and advice. In the section, Adding Fur Friends to Your Family, Proctor covers items such as why rescue animals make such amazing family members to how to introduce your new fur friends to current furry family members.

She writes about items pet owners commonly face: pets scared of storms, how to take care of your pet in both hot and cold weather, water safety, travel advice and holiday pet safety. The section on her dog being afraid of storms made me think of what I do with Henrietta when she gets scared. I pick her up, coddle her and try to comfort her — which common sense tells me only leads to her not overcoming a fear because of the love she gets. I would have been better served to let her self-soothe and take comfort in the cave-safety of her crate. Thank goodness Henrietta is tiny enough that if I have to carry her around for a while because she's scared that it's not a problem.

The book is written in bite-sized chunks of information. If you're looking for a book that offers information about How to Hike with Your Hound, How To Care For A Senior Dog, to Pooch Pleasing Recipes and Tailwaggin' Trivia, this book is for you; your four legged furry friend will certainly thank you!  

About the author: Top Dog Eileen fulfilled her passtion and created a successful business that improves the quality of life for dogs and people who love them by pioneering the dog daycare industry in Phoenix, AZ. She is the proud "mom" to three delightful dog


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  1. The book author is a great dog lover.The author basically given the idea of how to to take of a pet,how to train him,how to guide him.The book also how to maintain the pet’s daily food habits and give him a good and healthy diet.

  2. i already read this book and it was very nice. my friend has a copy on this book. the author of this book was really great. two thumbs up!

  3. The author of the book,has a great passion for dog,he gave basically how to take good care of dogs in real sense.Nice book.

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