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Frigid Temperature Threaten Outdoor Animals’ Safety

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Spenser snowAs well below-freezing temperatures blanket many areas of the United States, it’s important for all pet owners and pet lovers to make certain our pets are cared for and are not left to fend for themselves out in the elements.

I own a husky-lab mix, Spenser,  that absolutely loves the cold and snowy weather. With his double coat he can usually stay outside. In most cases it is a chore to get him to come back in the house because it is simply too warm for him. But today, here in New York when the temperature is -3 with a -25 wind chill factor, there is no way he will be allowed to go outside for other than to answer the call of Mother Nature.

I urge you if you have “outdoor” animals (I personally don’t understand the concept…) bring them indoors, or at least offer them a shelter from the cold, snow and wind and a blanket. Make certain they have access to food and water that isn’t frozen.

We received information from Alley Cat Allies on how to protect feral cats in the winter weather and want to share. Alley Cat Allies offers tips on how to make a shelter for feral cats in a few simple steps. Please, we urge you, if you see cats out of doors in these bitter cold weather, offer them a chance to get in out of the cold. Jump over to Alley Cat Allies and read their post.

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