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BlogPaws Cares & Shares: Journalistic Excellence & Blogging

BlogPaws Cares & Shares interviews four award-winning members of the Cat Writers Association, all of whom, will be speaking at the BlogPaws 2015 conference in Nashville, Tennessee. BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita, interviewed Deb Barnes, Janiss Garza, Alana Grelyak and Layla Morgan Wilde and asked them to share their thoughts on how to bridge the gap between blogging and journalistic integrity and excellence. Bottom line, whether you’re writing online or in print, you need to put forth as high a quality copy as possible. If you don’t know something, ask an expert who does.

Here are some of the nuggets of information shared during this hour-long Hangout where Yvonne said she is always focused on better writing because that is a passion that is near and dear to her heart and has been for decades. She mentioned that “bloggers are the new journalists” and asked the panelists what they felt about that statement.

Layla said that as the years go by there is more of a “blurring between journalism and blogging.” Janiss shared that whether you’re blogging for fun or for information-sharing you should still cite your sources and do your research. “Blogging may be the new journalism but it needs to be done with credibility,” Deb said.

No matter whose voice you blog in, and Alana shared the she will blog either in her voice or in Crepes’ voice, but no matter what she does she “tries to keep her integrity, cites her sources and lets people know whether she is an expert on a particular topic of if she’s giving her opinion.”

At the Conference, there will be a panel discussion on this topic and attendees are invited to bring their questions cat schooland ask how can they create their own credibility because as Yvonne said if you want to build your integrity you should cite three sources. Is this still necessary? Layla said, “It’s hard to put a number on it. You have to make a distinction on whether you’re reporting ‘news’ or having fun on your blog and telling a story.”

Bloggers who want to work with brands, gain followers and more importantly build credibility within their community journalistic integrity is a must because as Yvonne said, “You are a trusted voice to your readers.” What can you do do make sure the information you’re imparting adheres to journalistic integrity?



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