Should You Get A Second Dog?

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

blogpaws road tripIn our household, Henrietta is “my dog” and Spenser belongs to my husband. It’s not that we don’t both enjoy both of the dogs or that we aren’t responsible for them both equally, it’s just that Henrietta was my adoption and I have spoiled her to the point that she would likely be a bother to any other family, but I know (and honestly, embrace) her quirks. As she turns nine this September I had been considering adopting another Poodle, but honestly I don’t think it would be good for either of us. I don’t have the energy to care for Henrietta and Spenser and a puppy during the day when I am trying to work and Henrietta, I think, would be heartbroken to have to share me with another.

Here is a great article I came across that answers the questions of what you should know before you get a second dog. Interesting, I thought.

What did you think about before you brought a second pet into the family?

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