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Measure Your Dog’s Quality Of Life During Cancer Treatment

shutterstock_175989077Editor’s Note: The post I am going to talk about below is about a pet and his cancer journey, but as a breast cancer survivor I can tell you I was moved to tears by the Penny Jar Method that Meghan Howell shared with  Tripawds.

Had I been aware of this method during my own diagnosis, surgery and treatment it would have been nice to have had a visual reminder of the good and the bad days. I am certain that as my journey progressed my jar of “good” pennies would have runneth over.

Having that visual reminder for oneself or for a pet going through a difficult time could be an amazing help to get through the dark hours especially when you look at the “good jar” and realize that perhaps your pet is having more good days than bad.

Read how Meghan set up her jars to measure her dog’s quality of life during his cancer journey. As she writes… “it is important to be consistent. There are no wrong decisions as long as you are honest with yourself and your Tripawd!”

(Photo Shutterstock: Pennies in jar)

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