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Face Monday Like Your Pet Would

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

Aaahhh Monday. Or is it Blaaah Monday? Last week I had a blaah week. Why? It was time for my six month oncology check up. Even though I didn’t think there would be anything wrong, those six month check-ups are stress-inducing, cry-provoking times for breast cancer (or, I imagine any other kind) survivors. Thankfully, all was clear henrietta and my next appointment is another six months away.

I tried to face my week with an Aaahhh and most weeks I think of Monday as just another great day to be thankful to be alive, but try as I might, not all Mondays produce happy, gratitude-filled thoughts. This week, though I have decided to greet it the same way Henrietta, the four kitties, the ferrets and Spenser, Henrietta’s brother, welcome each new day and every new opportunity, with unbridled enthusiasm.

Here are my tips to face Monday like your pet would:

  • Focus on the important things. A Monday may not be your favorite day of the week just as having dinner with the inlaws or facing cross country airline traffic aren’t your favorite things. But do you know what? Your pet looks at life as a cycle of love from his parents, food in his dish and a warm, comfortable bed. What are three things you could focus on that could help you face a potentially upsetting situation? My three things are: family who loves me, a houseful of pets who love me and my continued good health.
  • Step away from the food dish. In our household we measure out the food for our pets so they stay healthy and we know that continual feeding will lead to overweight pets. Also, Henrietta has no control so if she is given a five pound bag of food she will eat until it’s gone. It’s important for bloggers to focus on their health because sitting in front of a computer screen all day can lead to muscle and joint issues as well as unhealthy eating habits and obesity. Grab a piece of fruit the next time you’re hungry. Drink water as often as possible.
  • Get your beauty rest. While I am not certain my pets sleep so that they remain beautiful, they certainly do know how to embrace the beauty of nap time. My pets also go to bed at “reasonable hours” unlike the humans in the household who sometimes stay up too late. Go to bed at a time that allows you to get a good eight hours sleep so you can face the next day as enthusiastically as your pets do. When you wake up in the morning, take a hint from your cats and give yourself time for a good, long full body stretch. Stretching is also great to do during the midst of your work day to work out the kinks.
  • Chill out. Have you ever seen your pet reach for a bottle of beer or glass of wine or bowl of ice cream when his or her stress levels get too high? I’ll bet you haven’t. Even when Henrietta goes to the vet’s — a very high stress time for her — she de-stresses by snuggling into my lap, or enjoying a walk to burn off the nervous energy or simply lying in a patch of sunlight on a warm carpet. When I am highly stressed, she senses it and will come cat stretchand scratch at my hand until I pick her up and cuddle her a while. This helps me to chill out. If I am not around The Hen I will take a walk, turn on the television, do some deep breathing or other stress reducing activities.
  • Sniff out new opportunities. Have you ever seen a pet who didn’t chase that red dot every time it’s available? Don’t your pets greet you at the door as if you’ve been gone for five days even if it’s only been five minutes? Don’t they stop and smell every blade of grass when you’re out on a walk? Have you ever seen a cat walk away from a window seat that provides a view of a busy bird feeder? I never have. Be open to new ideas and friends. Be spontaneous; your pets are always up to an impromptu game of catch or a walk. Be like them!

Notice how your pets greet the day and follow their lead. Stretch. Eat your breakfast. Curl up in a nice warm spot (with a cup of coffee, if you’re a human, that is!) and then face the day ahead. Count your blessings. Pet your fur-babies and face Monday like your pet would!

What habits can you pick up from your pets?

(Photo: Henrietta relaxing)

(Photo: Shutterstock Cat relaxing)

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