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Blogging For Beginners: Finding The Time

Guest Post By Blog Manager Robbi Hess

In a perfect world we'd have time to lounge around all day sipping coffee and eating chocolates waiting Picture1 for the muse to come, tap us on the shoulder and offer us a good idea to write about. Unfortunately, for writers if you wait for the muse to come, you'll never get any writing done. I've found you have to wrestle your muse to the ground and drag the ideas out of her. 

One of the best ideas my muse ever gave me was to put an editorial calendar into place. Sure, the time you take putting together an editorial calendar is time you could have spent writing a blog post, right? Perhaps. But consider this: if you don't put together a calendar for yourself, chances are you'll be sitting and staring at the screen hoping that an idea will fall into your lap. Believe me, in my years of writing it rarely happens. 

A prolific writer is a prepared writer. Sure that doesn't sound very romantic and you always believed that being a writer was one of the most romantic "jobs" out there. Sorry to burst your bubble. Sure writing and being able to write for a living is amazing, but it is work. 

What does this have to do with finding the time to write? Well, writing is like any other task or routine. Once you get into a rhythm the words will just flow. Are you a morning person or a night owl? When do your creative juices flow the best? You need to know yourself first to know when your best time for writing will happen. 

If you set aside time to do your blogging just as you would any other item on your to-do list you will get into the habit of it and it will be easier to get your pet blogs written. It may take a while for you to determine your best time to get your writing done, especially if you have a full time job. One way I've found to make my "me" writing time more productive is to have a nugget of an idea in my head then roll it around while I'm doing other things then when I sit down to write, it is there — almost fully cooked! 

What are your time-finding ideas for getting your blogging done?

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  1. great advice! I have been using a blogging calendar for both blogs since Day One. I begin with committing to 3 posts per week on each blog…then I use the remaining days for if something comes up that I want to post.
    I am going to Florida next week for 4 days so this is the FIRST time since I have been blogging that I have spent ALL OF TODAY scheduling posts for when I am gone. I rarely schedule in advance but now that I started to do it I am liking it!

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