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You Know You’re A Pet Blogger When…

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I recently asked the question in the BlogPaws Community Writers Group of, "When did you know you wanted to be (or were) a writer?" We've had some lively conversation and it's been great knowing when the bloggers in our pet-loving community just knew they had to find a way to make a living with the power of their words. 

That got me to thinking about the top seven ways you know you're a pet blogger (or any kind of writer) when…:

  1. You own a bazillion books on so many topics your friends and family are convinced you may have multiple personalities. I have books on writing, pets, mysteries, witchcraft, sci-fi and fantasy, romance novels, books that feature cats as crime-solving entities, business books ranging from Napolean Hill to the Cambridge Fact Finder's Dictionary to the Writer's Market. (Don't get me started on the numerous magazines that are overflowing my to-be-read pile) 


  • You never leave home without a) a book to read and b) pen and paper or some other way to jot down your brilliant ideas (that could certainly be the voice memo option on your telephone. I just discovered mine on my Android and boy is it making me more productive.) 
  • You don't attend a networking event, conference, a family gathering or even stand in line at the post office without wondering, "How can I work what they're talking about into one of my blog posts?" Ideas are everywhere and writers are good at eavesdropping for ideas! 
  • You find yourself editing everything you read. While you may not edit it for style or grammar (although I have friends who will no longer send me emails because I can't stop myself from editing them!) but you certainly look at articles or blog posts and think, "I can do better than that!" and then you sit down and do it. 
  • You have a handle on social media and are very social yourself. You have a fantastic Facebook following and you spend hours online commenting on the status of others whether it's on FB, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or on blog posts themselves. You are likely more well known in the blogosphere than you realize. 
  • Listening is not your strong suit. Oh, sure you have a lot of friends and family and you do like to talk, but honestly when they start talking they will toss out a phrase or a comment on an article they read or television show they watched and all of a sudden your head is not in the conversation. The words they have spoken have sparked an idea for a blog post or a survey question and you're off and running on your idea and not listening. It's an occupational hazard. 
  • You sometimes talk to yourself. There are times I find myself running ideas past Henrietta, the Diva Poodle. Phrases, headlines for blog posts, plot twists for my novel — sometimes I find I need to speak the words aloud to see how they sound. I sometimes think better when I'm speaking (thankfully I work from my home office so I don't have co-workers tossing me strange looks).
  • So, let us know, "When did you know you were, or wanted to be, a writer" and whether you have anything to add to the "you know you're a writer when…" I'd love to hear! Don't forget to join the conversation in the BlogPaws Community

    (Image from BlogPaws Facebook page) 

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    1. Growing up, I always enjoyed writing. I would write little short stories and always be jotting down ideas as I went. For awhile I was writing a lot of fan fiction on various favorite shows and/or music bands!
      Sadly, I stopped for a long time. Every now and then I would pick up a pen again and go to try and write something, but words never flowed as easy as before. I would get frustrated and shove it away again until the next time.
      For a long time I’ve known I wanted to write, but for years it hasn’t seemed right. And then in June I got Wesley. This little mini-poodle of mine seems to have created a spark in me that’s bringing back my drive to write. And so I started blogged, and am loving it to pieces.
      I only just recently started my blog in October, but already I’m recognizing a few of those ‘You Know You’re a Pet Blogger When…’ signs in myself!
      You know what? I love that!
      So to end my mini-novel comment:
      -I’ve know for a long time, but haven’t really really put that desire into practice.
      And to add to the list: An idea comes to you at late at night, you try to ignore it for the time being in favor of sleep. It gnaws on you and keeps you from that sleep until you finally get up to at least bare-bones the idea out in a more solid form.

    2. Great comment aka mini-novel! I know how a poodle can get you to writing, Henrietta is my inspiration, my muse and my nag! BOL
      Great point on the idea that gnaws at you in the middle of the night. I used to have a lighted pen that I kept bedside to jot down those ideas. Love it!

    3. Great list! Not writing specific, but another to know you should be writing on the topic of pets is if you always give advice to friends & family that are dog owners.

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