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Code Your Own Tweet-This Icon

BlogPawsSocialLearningSeriesNuggetTwitterShareCodeCover490x325In a continuing effort to bring you the very best in social media education 24/7/365, BlogPaws has a new addition to its "In the Making" Learning Lab.

The "Code Your Own Tweet-This Icon" tutorial is now available for viewing and usage. Why do you, as a pet blogger, need this? Well, read on….

Our very own Tom Collins shares, "While I was working on the Blogging Liability Insurance Bulletin,
I re-acquainted myself with how to make social sharing links inside
documents (as opposed to the embeddable widgets for webpages, blogs,
etc.). Here's a simple 1-page tutorial:

View/Download: Code Your Own “Tweet-this” Icon for Sharable Documents "

blogging tools and other social media platforms we all use have built-in tools
for social sharing. But what if you’re creating content documents for people to
download, like whitepapers, ebooks, or PDFs, that you’d like them to share?

The BlogPaws Social Learning Series will continue, and we encourage you to stay tuned and get involved. On weekends, we'll be bringing you the very best in tips and information you might have missed all week long in the BlogPaws community and on the blog.

Is there a learning tutorial you'd be interested in seeing?

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  1. I am interested in knowing more about starting an e-commerce sight with my blog. Where do I begin, a tax ID no? A payment system? Maybe this subject might be a good BlogPaws session, if it hasn’t already been. Thanks!

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