Why Email marketing is still important


 As noted by our email marketing session presenter, Gene Sower of Samson Media, email is still a viable resource. "It was the first social media," Gene told me, when he and I talked.

This graphic demonstrates how and why Gene is right. Are you using email marketing effectively? Over on Gene's blog, he has a great post that says email marketing and social media are the "Best of Both Worlds" – citing a chart from emarketer as his source. [click on the image to enlarge for detail]


3 Responses to “Why Email marketing is still important”

  1. experiential marketing

    Most people think email marketing is dead. But actually it’s not. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

  2. seo london

    The strategy and the process on how you conduct your email marketing determines its success, and whether or not it is “dead.”

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    Email marketing is very tricky sometimes you don’t know if it’s being sent to the spam folder rather than the inbox. Thanks.