What Does Your Pet Blog Focus On?


Domesticated 800In an effort to continue catapulting our BlogPaws Community and network of pet bloggers, microbloggers, pet parents, advocates, and lovers, we're dishing out a question each weekend.

This weekend, BlogPaws asks…

What do you consider your blog to be a source of? Is it a source of health news for dog parents? Perhaps a go-to resource of pet-friendly accommodations? If you had to name the 3 main things your blog focuses on, what would they be?

18 Responses to “What Does Your Pet Blog Focus On?”

  1. JaneA

    I consider Paws and Effect to be a source of information about cat behavior and health issues, delivered in a format that’s entertaining and understandable lay people.

  2. Bailey & Banjo

    Bailey & Banjo is primarily about dog photography, including our year long project called Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer. We are featuring one dog every day for 2012 and hope to help raise awareness and funds for the disease. Occasionally we’ll review cool products we love and fun places we get to travel to.

  3. Melody

    All Natural Pet Care a reliable source of well-researched natural pet care information. All pets are included, from fish to farm. We also cover animal welfare and a touch of pet business.

  4. Sparkle

    That is easy! My blog focuses on a) cat and human behavior b) cat causes and especially c) ME!!!

  5. Miranda and Pocket

    Although my blog is about many things, not just my pets, i’d say the topics i cover in regards to my dog are:
    the unique wonderfulness that is the Corgi breed
    health and nutrition for all dogs (i feed a raw diet and encourage others to do so, while also educating them about the risks of improper feeding)
    training and fun with our dog

  6. Bongo

    Bongo’s blog is mainly a source of fun. It’s written in Bongo’s voice with a sense of humor. It’s also a source of spirit as on Sunday’s Bongo shares a story from the Bible from his perspective.

  7. Doctor Vet

    fun, drawings and the vet life 🙂

  8. Lisa Taron (The Pet Book Lady)

    I’d have to say The Pet Book Lady Blog has three main focuses: Celebrating the bond between people and their pets, promoting pet loving entrepreneurs/authors/artists… and well – some just plain silliness.

  9. EH Benoit

    Feline Funnies is designed to add a little humor to each reader’s day. Monday posts are amusing anecdotes about my life with my two cats. Each episode actually has happened. Wednesday and Friday posts are photos with hopefully humorous captions. The only advice my blog offers is probably the way “not” to do something.

  10. Jerry

    The Tripawds News blog is a source of advice, educational resources and support for those facing a cancer diagnosis or amputation for their dogs, with discussion forums, live chat, videos and much more. Our other featured blogs focus on nutrition tips, helpful gear, downloads, and gifts for three legged dog lovers.
    Thanks for asking!

  11. Glogirly and Katie

    Voiced by Katie, the sassy, stylish and sharp-tongued kitty, GLOGIRLY is all about making cats, people and even the occasional dog MOL, LOL & BOL. Katie is known for her witty accounts of life from a cat’s point of view and her mad photoshop skills. ; ) …Glogirly is merely her admin and muse.
    GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat & Her Girl

  12. caren gittleman

    both Cat Chat and Dakota’s Den exist to showcase my love of cats and dogs through the use of sharing fun, information, product/book reviews, guest posts and rescue information and causes that we believe in that help the cats and dogs of the world!
    I don’t write dissertations or claim to be a health or nutrition maven. I write because I love dogs and cats and love to meet others who do!

  13. Grace

    Although PugParadise was only started this week the aim of the blog is to provide dog lovers an insight into what pugs are like as pets. But mostly the blog will follow my journey as a first time dog owner as I experience all the delights of being a ‘pug mum’

  14. Carol Bryant

    Wow, I am excited to find these blogs here – I didn’t know about some of you.
    Fidose of Reality is a canine-centric online magazine dog blog where dog lovers of the highest order unite.™
    From dog news to dog travels, the latest in canine health and wellness, dog fashion and finds, and haute pet products for cool dogs, Fidose of Reality covers it. Coupling our 20 years of dog travel with a passion and penchant for pet products, our hearts beat dog.™
    We travel the country and network with pet product experts, veterinarians, pet industry experts, and those in the know as a part of our continuing commitment to growing Fidose of Reality into the one of the ultimate online destinations for all things dog-related.

  15. Kia

    I’d say my blog is about Dog tips, Dog health, and Dog Fashion. Basically any cool or interesting information about a dog. Sometimes I may focus on a mini schnauzer since that is what I have, but I also just talk about dogs in general.

  16. Trina

    Wag The Dog UK is about dog travel and trends, We also like to feature reviews, dog care and homemade food. All related to a Beagle’s point of view. As the editor of the blog (Maggie the writer) we use our experience of over 10 years of traveling with pets.

  17. Alissa Wolf

    My blog is a part of a website about the pet industry I manage for About.com, PetShops@About.com. I cover a variety of topics related to the industry, from breaking news about pet food recalls to fun stuff about pet fashions, links to my feature articles and more. I would like to figure out how to establish a synergistic relationship between my site and BlogPaws. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  18. Patricia

    The main focus should be on the person or pet who will be doing the ‘talking’ on the blog. If the blog is written from your pet’s point of view, have them introduce themselves, and talk about where they come from and what their personality is like.
    Vet Glenmore Park