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Ten Tips To Find Ideas For Your Pet Writing

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

You've committed yourself to writing on your pet blog a few times a week. Great plan! But, now what do
Picture1 you write about? It's a frightening thing… staring at that blank computer screen with your self-imposed writing deadline looming. What are you going to write about that you haven't already covered? 

Here are some tips to keep the idea factory moving along and your pet blog viable and the readers engaged:

  1.  Stay involved in the pet community. Subscribe
    to pet-focused newsletters and other pet blogs.
  2. Work
    on seasonal topic articles or “national awareness” days, weeks or months.
  3. Look
    at a blog you did before and see if you can reinvent it. Can you add new
    information? Update the topic completely?
  4. Are
    there any national trends? Can you make it local? For example, dog or other pet
    food recalls that cause health issues – talk to your vet and get more
    information to make it relevant and persona.
  5. Is
    there something going on locally that you can use and turn it into a bigger
    piece? A breed-specific event locally? Talk to those in attendance and then
    spin it into a blog that your readers can relate to in their own hometowns.
  6. Talk
    to the people you’re in line with at the coffee shop or veterinarian’s office.
    What are their concerns? What are they talking and thinking about? Answer their
    concerns in your post or use it to raise more questions.
  7. Start
    a mind mapping white board. Take a general topic then branch out from that
    topic to others. Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm and many times fresh
    ideas will spring forth if you relax and let your mind run free.
  8. Look
    at magazines every time you go to the bookstore. Read magazine articles outside
    of your area of expertise. Yes, you’re a pet writer, but look at the trends in
    parenting magazines, for example, you’re likely to be able to find a way to
    spin a pet article for a parent-centric magazine for your blog.
  9. Ask
    your friends and family what they’re reading, what they’re concerned with, what
    they’d like to see on your blog.
  10. Get
    out of the house. Attend networking events. Take your dog to a different dog
    park and say hello to the people you meet. A change of scenery may help spark
    new ideas. 

What are your best ways for finding ideas? 

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  1. These are some great ideas!
    Our last visit to the vets office spawned 3 blog posts. Good thing because our vet bill was over $200 🙁

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