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Taking Twitter to the Next Level: BlogPaws Style

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 3.14.22 AM"Twitter is oftentimes underestimated because of its character limit and is sometimes seen as a hub for folks to talk about what they had for dinner. It is so much more than that."

So says Nikki Jeske, who will be co-presenting at BlogPaws in a session called "Twitter Strategies: Making Pawprints in 140 characters." Co-presenting with her are Ashley Niels and our very own, Kristin Dewey. What can attendees plan to learn?

Jeske is proud to attend her fourth (of four!) BlogPaws conferences to help attendees strategize and learn.  "I hope by attending our session, people will learn that Twitter is actually a powerhouse for brand strategy and, when used correctly, can be the loudest leading voice for their company (or blog). It is an essential tool for customer service and is the greatest way to build relationships and have one-on-one conversations with followers," Jeske says.

Niels echoes the sentiments, "I want them to find the right strategy for what they do and how they work and adopt it as their own in order to get their voices heard."

We've heard a common theme of attending to be networking, and Jeske agrees that is her favorite part, too. Sharing her life with pets, BlogPaws is a natural homecoming for her."We have quite the menagerie in our house. Current numbers are as follows: 3 of our own dogs (Spunky, Snarf, Rufus), 1 foster dog (Angel), 7 cats (Zane, Akima, Merlin, Cleo, Satsuki, Jacob, Matilda), 3 foster cats (O'Malley, Maggie Mae, Mel), and 4 rats (Toodles, Twinby, Artemis, Athena."

Where can people learn more about Jeske?
You can find me on my blog: http://snailbird.com
At my freelance design site: http://designcoyote.com
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/designcoyote
Or on Facebook: http://twitter.com/DesignCoyote

And the scoop on Niels:

Blog: http://iloverescueanimals.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RescueAnimls & http://twitter.com/forpawz
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ILoveRescueAnimals

Nikki Fun Fact: Jeske revealed a fun one! "Despite my knowledge of computers and my career as a web designer and social media strategist, my background is actually in Outdoor Education with an emphasis in Natural History. I spent most of my college years outside, not at a computer, camping and backpacking and learning how to identify trees and lichen and teaching school kids about the importance of sustainability and keeping our freshwater systems healthy. Somehow or other, the path I was on to become a naturalist took a turn towards computers and here I am."

Ashley Fun Fact: "My love for animals started in Texas when I was a little girl, but it really became a part of who I am while growing up in Singapore. There I spent a lot of time at the amazing Singapore zoo and had quite a lot of adventures with the local wildlife, including reaching out to baby orangutans and having them reach back, helping save baby sea turtles and eggs in Sarawak, and being attacked by a Bengal tiger while on the back of an elephant. My experiences have shaped who I am today: an obvious animal lover and passionate advocate."

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  1. Thank you Nikki for the encouragement to use twitter. I’m new to twitter myself and I am just getting my feet wet. I can relate to you growing up with dogs. We love to backpack with our families and our dogs. On one hiking occasion our family dog help one of our youngest up the mountain. Without Missy our Australian Shepherd we would never have made it to the top.

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