Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! [Infographic]


We love all pets and we love getting the chance to honor and spotlight them on special days like today.

In honor of Black Cat Appreiciation Day our friend @GeorgeTheDuck, or rather his typist, created this great infographic to share today. Plus, leave a comment here (use the email address you want us to use to contact you if you win) by Monday, August 19th at 5:00 PM EDT and automatically be entered to win a t-shirt from Nooters Club! Thanks to The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady for arranging that with Nooters Club.

Black Cat Appreciation Day
To honor Black Cats everywhere, share the infographic on your blog using this code:

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Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


15 Responses to “Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! [Infographic]”

  1. Cokie the Cat

    I love black cats cause they’re sexy and stealth. And they have shiny fur. And they’re usually super friendly. And they look *really* good on a white sofa. And cause they’re cats!! MOL

  2. Connie

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day

  3. JoBeth

    chris_email29@yahoo.com My cat is grey and black and a rescue she rocks so cool to know that black cats are good luck in some cultures

  4. BerniceBluJae

    Love the world of big black cats!

  5. ellen beck

    The feral colony I feed was populated for many years of mostly black cats. I adore them and have always foundd black cats to be smart and resourceful.

  6. Paulleahy

    Our cat Lacey is was so spoiled yesterday. But then again it’s every day

  7. Maria Blank

    I lost my beautiful black cat Liz Taylor last month and she was the best pet that has ever owned me. Black are truly the most loving.

  8. KrisZ

    Once you go Black ~ Cat that is! ~ You won’t go back!!!

  9. Cheryl Kloesz

    Black cats are very mysterious! I absolutely love looking in their eyes.

  10. Samir Navare

    why dont people buy black cats as much as others?

  11. Edna

    Paw-some Infographic!
    Included it in the most recent blog post.
    I did tweet a few similar factoids on Aug 17, using #blackcatappreaciationday

  12. Christina

    Oh this is awesome.. I’m doing a black cat appreciation month in October with the goal of interviewing 31 black cats. This would be a great graphic to use on the first day. Thank you so much.