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The Pet Bloggers ‘Rule’ of Ten

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1I know, I know, there are rules and then there are rules that are meant to be broken and then there's pet blogging! But for every blogger out there, chances are you don't want to be writing in a void and these rules might just help up the amount of eyes that see your posts.

While there are truly no hard and fast rules you need to follow with your blogging other than to be engaging, enlightening and to use proper grammar (!) here are ten "rules" I do try to keep in mind when formulating my posts: 

  1. Publish
    frequently and consistently
    . Posting at least three days a week is ideal
    but if that’s not in your budget, time-wise, then at least choose a day of
    the week and post regularly to that day. If your readers know that they
    will see a new post every Tuesday they will become regulars.
  2. Guest post.
    It’s a great way to get your name known to a new audience and to gain a
    following with said new audience. Approach individuals you know as a way
    to break the ice on your guest blogging then move up to the big dogs!
  3. Be social.
    Update your social media pages frequently, especially when your blog post
    goes live. If people don’t know it’s there, they won’t read it.
  4. Be friendly
    and comment on other blogs. If you have blogs you visit regularly, leave a
    comment. Know how good it feels to know someone is not only reading, but
    commenting on your posts? Offer that feeling to a blogger you follow!
  5. Thank your
    regular readers. If they comment on your post, respond and then check and
    see if they have their own blogs and return the favor!
  6. Make certain
    your blog content is consistent. If you’re a cat blogger, then your
    readers are looking for posts about cats. Blog about iguanas? That’s what
    your readers will anticipate. There’s no reason you can’t shake things up
    occasionally, but if your readers come to you for a particular topic,
    chances are if you’re not meeting those needs, they will look elsewhere.
  7. It’s not all
    about you. Yes, you wrote the post and you pushed publish, but when all is
    said and done, it’s about your readers. Treat them like the gems they are!
    Also, remember, if they’re following you on social media… be social… don’t
    be constantly salesy.
  8. If possible
    host a contest. Do you have  a few
    bucks in your bank account this week that will allow you to pick up a few
    fun toys at the pet store? If so, offer them up as prizes to your readers.
    Do a random drawing based on comments left on a post you write. Select a
    winner, ask him or her to send you a photo of her pet enjoying the gift.
    Post that photo on your blog!
  9. Have your
    readers read everything you’ve written? While you may not know how long
    your readers have been with you, chances are they won’t mind a reminder of
    the great material you have in your blog archives. Highlight popular
    posts, use an archived post as social media fodder, etc.
  10. Don’t slack
    off. Yippee! You’ve got readers and they’re commenting! Your work here is
    done, right? Um, not so fast! Just because you’ve got them doesn’t mean
    you will keep them if you slack off. Continue to provide the content they
    know and have come to love!

What are your ideas for getting readers to your blog? 


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  1. I am proud that I do ALMOST everything on your list! There are areas I definitely need work in
    Another one I like that goes with “it isn’t all about you” is to share OTHERS frequently. People love being noticed and made to feel special.
    Reading and commenting on other bloggers posts is super important but I will say that after a few months, if I see that I am reading and commenting on their blogs and they aren’t reciprocating they are removed from my follow list. To me a good blogger practices give and take…..not just taking 🙂

  2. What a great post! Printing this out and tucking it in one of the page protectors. Once thing I have recently committed to is publishing much more often and it has made a difference in my responses and readership. My goal is to publish everyday, even if it’s a fun musing. Blogging really does bring me a lot of joy.

  3. I’m so confused. I want to start a dog blog but how do I get anyone to look at it? How do I sign up for one?Feel like I’m from the 1800’s. Thought I was so much more tech savvy than this! Ha! We shall see…

  4. @Laura
    The best way to get people to visit your blog is by visiting other like-minded blogs and commenting. Make yourself part of that community. Many of us happily reciprocate.
    There are lots of blogging platforms our there…many free ones. Although Blogger doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the others, it is probably one of the easiest. Just create and account and follow the prompts to create a blog. Look at lots of others to get an idea of what you like and don’t like…that will help you set yours up.
    Good luck!
    : )

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