Be that Woman…Or Man



As seen on Facebook at Kirsten Osolind's page.

Guys – substitute "man" and "he's up"… it works for you, too.

And, in your spare time, for a good chuckle (hey, it's Friday, I felt like a few laughs) visit this site and read what Siri (a smart phone) has to say in answer to some basic questions.

  • Talonvaki

    My cats are those kinds of men and women…does that count?

  • Yvonne DiVita

    Indeed… cats are always “that kind of man or woman” aren’t they? MOL!

  • caren gittleman

    can’t tell you how many times in the past couple of years I have posted that as my profile on Facebook…
    Anyone who knows me would say it is quite appropriate!
    That is one of my favorite quotes…EVER!

  • Christine Michaels

    I love this quote! That’s what the developer, Inigo Ardid says as I walk the condo community feeding the strays. He wanted to get rid of them, No way in HELL!