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Wordless Wednesday Show us Your Pets

Kelly Kaliszewski

Submitted by Kelly Kaliszewski

Kathy Adams
Submitted by Kathy Adams

Ashani Unamboowe
Submitted by Ashani Unamboowe

Next week while a portion of the BlogPaws Team is making their way through the thousands of Booths at Global Pet Expo in order to find some really awesome opportunities for all of you we thought we would do something a little different for Wordless Wednesday. Instead of featuring your pets we are going to be featuring special need animals or foster that never seem to be chosen to go to a new home looking for a home. If you know of an animal whether dog, cat, ferret, duck, or horse that you would like us to feature please email the pictures (as an attachment) and information on the animal and where someone could go to adopt it (email address, link to Petfinder or other website with information, and any special information you know about the animal). We know that means the post will not exactly be Wordless but we feel it is for a good cause and something a little different. PLEASE email Felissa twolittlecavaliers{@}gmail{.}com using the subject Special WW by Monday at noon eastern time.
***This opportunity is for animals awaiting adoption that need more help getting their story out there not those you have already adopted.***
Not every animal that gets sent to us to feature will be featured on BlogPaws we can only choose at most 4 or 5 to feature next week.
As always if you have cute pictures of your pets that you would like to share for possible inclusion in a future Wordless Wednesday please visit the BlogPaws Community Center and upload them there.

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