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Making A Change In Veterinary Care

Guest post by Celeste Lindell

Picture1If you're like most of us, you choose a veterinarian and you stick with him, right? Whether it's through convenience or "because we've always gone there" or any number of other reasons, our guest blogger writes about her experience with switching vets. 

"We've been going to the same veterinary office for our various generations of cats and now the dog since 1995. I can't say we ever really liked them, but they were close to home and that's a plus when you have assorted critters who hate riding in the car. Over the years, the things I didn't appreciate about them started to add up… Read the rest of the post here.

Do you stay with the same vet's office simply because you've always gone there? Have you made a switch? If so, why? If you love your vet, give him or her a shout out! We'd love to hear about it.


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  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our vets at Mercy Vet on Mercer Island. The Woman drives us 45 minutes one way so that we can continue to see them. Yes, there are closer vets for an emergency and Mercy Vet has good working relationships with them. They specialize in complementary health and no one else does what they do. Because many of their clients, like us, are far away, they do a lot of work via phone and email so we don’t have to get stressed out by the trip. They are absolutely amazing. Oh, but they are so amazing everyone loves them so they are not accepting new patients.

  2. I was pretty neutral with our current vet and when I looked over my last bill I noticed he was way overpriced. I’m now in the process of changing vets.

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