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#AdoptAShelterPet: 12 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Pet

AllPawslogoOur friends at AllPaws.com wrote a great post on the 12 reasons to adopt a shelter pet and we wanted to share those with you today!

If you’re thinking about adding a dog or cat or guinea pig, ferret, bird, fish or reptile to your family, there are 12 great reasons you should consider a shelter dog (or shelter or rescue of any of the other species!)

Adopting a pet means:

  1. You save a life! Adopting cuts down the number of euthanizations each year. You’re also giving a deserving pet a forever, loving home
  2. Most animals in shelters are up to date with their vaccines, are spayed/neutered, and some are even microchipped!
  3. Because many of the animals in shelters are older, they may already be house trained. 
  4. You will be giving yourself, and your family, a 24/7 snuggle buddy! (P.S. a pet doesn’t care if you decide to spend the weekend lounging around in sweatpants with unwashed hair!) 
  5. When you adopt from a shelter, you open up a spot for another dog to be kept in the shelter who also needs a forever home. Overcrowding is an issue at most shelters at most times of the year.
  6. Don’t like the veggies at dinner? Your dog won’t mind finishing your plate. Most veggies are good for pets! 
  7. You will have someone who will always listen to your problems. Bad day at work? Your pet will be there to listen and offer a nonjudgmental ear (or two)!
  8. Pets can help reduce stress! This is been proven by medical professionals — stroke the fur of your pets and your blood dog and catpressure will lower.
  9. When you adopt, you won’t be supporting puppy mills or back yard breeders.
  10. Instant bed/couch warmer! Save on electricity bills if you snuggle with a pet on the couch!
  11. They will love you forever. There is nothing that can beat that unconditional love. 
  12. Bottom line: You just should.

Adopt your next dog at AllPaws.com by clicking here.

(Photo: Shutterstock dog and cat)

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