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BlogPaws Adopt A Pet Infographic Available to Blog

256It's October and BlogPaws is celebrating Adopt a Pet Month all throughout the month. We know that pet adoption is near and dear to our hearts, and we want to do something even more to give back.

As pet bloggers, you know the way to a pet parent's heart is, many times, through pictures. One of the most effective tools a pet blogger can use to get a message across is with an infographic to illustrate what words sometimes alone cannot.

In honor pet BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month, we invite and encourage you to blog this infographic so that you can help us get the word out. There are literally millions of pets at any one time that need homes. BlogPaws wants those pets to find their forever families. Let's get it going by  sharing this infographic and getting the word out: Who is with us?

Simply use the code on your blog’s “back end” and embed it. You
may also choose upload the photo to your blog, image below, and code is here as
well. (scroll to the bottom for code)

BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month Infographic: October 2013BlogPaws


Here's the code for your blog, too: Share away!!!!

ADOPT A PET INFOGRAPHIC–><a href="http://www.pet360media.com/october-is-adopt-a-pet-month/"
title="BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month Infographic: October 2013" target="_blank"><img
alt="BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month Infographic: October 2013"
width="595" height="1758" border="0"
/></a><a href="https://blogpaws.com">BlogPaws</a>

 Iframe code:

src=" https://blogpaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/infographic_blogpaws_1013.jpg
" name=" BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month Infographic: October 2013"
scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center"
height = "1758px" width = "595px">


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  1. I seem to have a hard time with BlogPaw codes; the badge won’t work, and neither will the blog hop or, this code for the infographic. Does it matter that I haven’t yet, made the switch to a self-hosted site?

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