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7 Steps To Writing A Great Pet Blog Post

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I was asked recently how exactly it is that I blog. That
question, raised during a blogging seminar I was
Picture2 leading, prompted me to go
through my blogging process to try and break down the process. This is what I
came up with:

  • Write the post aimed toward a “you.” What this means is when you
    write a blog post use the word you not “we,” “them” or “I”. Your blog posts
    should make the reader feel as though he is sitting in your kitchen, sipping
    coffee, and hearing the information you are imparting.

  • How-to posts are popular. How-to write a blog post (for
    example!); How-to house break your puppy; How-to travel with your pet. Readers
    enjoy posts that teach them something new or that enhance the knowledge they
    already have.
  • Make your posts as detailed as they need to be. Don’t hint at
    information expecting your readers to go out on the Internet and search out the
    rest on their own; they are coming to you for your expertise, don’t disappoint.
  • Hook your readers with your headline then follow through on the
    promise of that headline. Work keywords into your headline if possible (that
    makes you more searchable on Google). Headlines and first paragraphs matter.
  • Be a conversation starter. Ask your readers questions. Engage
    them in conversation. Ask their opinion. Ask how they address the issues you’ve
    raised in your blog post. Make certain that if they’re responding to you, you
    want to monitor and respond to comments as well.
  • Show your expertise. If you’re writing a post, make certain you
    are the authority. If you’re not the authority, back up your words with facts
    or interviews with individuals who are the authority on the subject. Remember,
    your readers have myriad other pet bloggers they could be reading, give them a
    reason to continue to choose your blog.
  • Care about your readers. Blog because you want to impart
    information to them and blog because you love your topic.
  • How do you blog? Do you start with a headline,
    a topic, or a current event? I’d love to hear. 


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    1. I usually blog about things that I wonder about or read about or questions I get from my readers. Then I research and try to chat in my blogs about the subject.

    2. I start with an idea. Then, There’s the research, which may or may not take a fair amount of time. If possible, I try to do interviews, approaching blogging like a news story but with a personal twist. However, if you are an unknown, sources sometimes just send you off to their website, or worse, don’t respond.
      I particularly like this post because it takes time to do the research for blogging. Sometimes, I can whip off a post in an hour. Others take over three hours to research and put together. I take this part very seriously because each and every blog is a reflection of me. That’s why I find it extremely difficult to keep up with the SM, even though I know I need to.

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