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Blog Hop: 50 Holiday Content Ideas for Pet Influencers

Yes, the holidays are here. You are reading this post because you holiday content ideas now and/or you are preparing your blog and social media platforms for the holidays and could use some inspiration. This week’s blop hop is dedicated to writers, bloggers, content creators, and social media enthusiasts everywhere.


Keep in mind that when you create a blog post, you can break the content and subheads down into shareable nuggets with their own social media graphics, images, and videos to get more bang for your social buck. Here then are 50 holiday content ideas for pet influencers followed by the very popular weekly Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

  1. How to Keep Pets Calm During Hectic Holidays
  2. Pet-Friendly Attractions to Visit in Your Area
  3. DIY Crafts for Pet Lovers: Make a short, sweet, shareable video
  4. Ways to Make a Difference to Shelter Pets This Holiday Season
  5. Holiday Movies for Pet Lovers
  6. Year in Review: Your Best Blog Posts
  7. How to Include Your Pets In Your Holiday Traditions
  8. Safe, Homemade Treats for Pets: Recipes, roundups, ones you make
  9. Printable Pet Themed Gift Tags
  10. Holiday Shopping for Pets Guide and Recommendations: Use affiliate marketing here
  11. Pet Books to Give as Gifts
  12. What to Get the Pet Parent Who Has Everything
  13. Host an Online Fundraiser for Your Favorite Rescue and/or Animal Shelter
  14. Why Pets Do Not Make Good Holiday Gifts
  15. Pet Poisons During Holidays
  16. Funny and Weird Holidays
  17. New Year’s Resolutions
  18. Why I Am Thankful For My Pet
  19. Use Reader Blog Comments as Inspiration for Holiday Blog Posts
  20. Hanukkah Traditions
  21. Pets and Kwanzaa
  22. Reasons to Be Thankful for Pets
  23. Pet-Themed Predictions
  24. Pet Mythbusters for the Holidays
  25. Holiday Decorations for a Pet-Themed Office
  26. The Best Holiday Content for XXX (name the species) Parents
  27. Create a holiday photo album. Photo albums on Facebook can reach epic engagement rates.
  28. Pet Safe Treats for Halloween
  29. Halloween Pet Costume Ideas
  30. Take Blog Questions: Invite readers to ask you something and then take maybe the best five or 10 questions and answer them. Better yet, make a series of blog posts about them. If you have any leftover, save them for the new year.
  31. Invite Readers to a Cyber Party: Have readers send you photos of their favorite holiday traditions with their pet.
  32. Poll Followers in Instagram Stories Using the Poll Feature (located in stickers)
  33. Roundup Deals for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday
  34. Preparing Your Pets For Holiday Company
  35. Pet Safety During Holiday Travel: Road Tips, etc.
  36.  Share your favorite blogs/bloggers holiday content (with credit and backlink) in one post
  37. Compile a list of common pet holiday mistakes in your niche
  38. How to Keep Pounds Off Pets During the Holidays
  39. Cold Weather Protection for Pets (Clothing, bedding, etc).
  40. Any step-by-step guide (how to make a pet stocking, how to celebrate Thanksgiving with birds)
  41. Put Together A Gif-Filled Post
  42. How to Skip the Holidays and Not Feel Guilty
  43. Facebook or Instagram Live a Blog Post
  44. How to Start a New Year Bucket List for Your Pet
  45. Get Inspired on Quora: You can use Quora by searching for topics within your niche and seeing which questions are being asked.
  46. Turn your best holiday content posts into Slideshares, podcasts, infographics or videos.
  47. Holidays with Pets on a Budget
  48. Wacky Pet Products for the Holidays
  49. Scroll through Magazines at the Grocery Store: Put a Pet Spin on Popular Magazine Headlines
  50. Emergency Contacts During Busy Holidays

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