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How to Win $1,000 for a 501c3 Pet Rescue

BlogpawschatDo you know of a 501(c)3 pet shelter/rescue  that could use a $1,000
donation? Then you need to keep reading because BlogPaws has a way for your favorite 501(c)3 pet rescue or shelter to have the
opportunity to win a $1,000 donation. It’s easy, no strings attached,
but you need to pay attention and act fast. Here’s the scoop on how to
win $1,000 for a 501c3 pet rescue:

* Have a Twitter account. If you don’t know what Twitter is or how to
get a Twitter account, it is very easy, trust us. Get to that right
away. If you have a Twitter account, read on.

* Log on to Twitter and join hashtag #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday
evening, 10/08, from 8 to 10 pm est. This is a weekly chat that happens
on Twitter with BlogPaws.
Be sure to follow the hashtag #blogpawschat, which is very easy to do
and you can use Hootsuite to do, Tweetchat to do, or whatever program
you like.

*Be sure to follow the following two Twitter accounts so you can partake:



* Between the hours of 8 pm and 10 pm eastern time on Tuesday
evening, October 8th, one person will have the opportunity to win a
$1,000 donation to the 501(c)3 pet rescue/shelter of your choice.

* The lucky winner will then be able to help the 501(c)3 pet rescue/shelter get a $1,000 donation courtesy of Pets Add Life!!!
For those unaware, we love Pets Add Life!
They are a non-profit campaign dedicated to spreading the joys &
benefits of pet ownership. You might have seen some of their really fun adoption videos like this one:

In any case, be sure to get to Twitter on Tuesday evening, October
8th between 8 and 10 pm est. Use hashtag #BlogPawsChat, follow the
accounts above, and start chatting with us – it’s easy, fun, you’ll
learn, make connections, meet fellow pet lovers, and one person will
walk away having won a $1,000 donation to their favorite 501(c)3 pet

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