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  • 2013 Adoption Champions Announced!

    Guest post by Caroline Golon We’re so thrilled to announce the two talented bloggers from the BlogPaws community who were selected to be the first Adoption Champions: Christina Berry, from The Lazy Pit Bull and Alana Grelyak, from Cat in the Fridge. We all know bloggers have powerful voices… read more

  • June Pop up Shop with Halo Had NYC Tails Wagging

    Gust post by Caroline Golon June was a good month for pets in New York City!  That’s because Halo, the natural pet food company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, took its philanthropy efforts to the streets of New York City by hosting a “Pop up Shop” throughout… read more

  • Cat Delete Your Files?

    Guest post by Caroline Golon When was the last time you backed up the data on your computer? If you’re like me…it’s probably been a while. And when you did back it up, exactly where did you save your files? I saved mine on my external… read more

  • Announcing the Jackson Galaxy-Moderncat Catification Lounge at Blogpaws!

    by Caroline Golon, BlogPaws Co-founder and Mom to Romeo and Pugsley Kitties rejoice! Your humans will be treated to an uber awesome experience at BlogPaws this year, completely designed for your benefit.  The Catification Lounge at BlogPaws is the creation of Kate Benjamin of Moderncat and Jackson… read more

  • Flat Pets Take Over BlogHer

    Caroline here. Yvonne and Tom are livin' large at BlogHer in San Diego this weekend. I'm totally envious about this for many reasons but the biggest reason is that I would love to see the looks on people's faces when they see this group of Flat… read more

  • The Bideawee Ball and Flat Pets

    by Caroline Golon, BlogPaws co-founder There’s nothing like roving pets, bloggers, cocktail dresses and celebrities to properly kick off the week. That’s how Monday night went for me at least, thanks to a kind invite by IAMS to the Bideawee Ball in NYC. I was joined… read more

  • 15 Ways to Get Readers to Comment on Your Blog Caroline’s Top 5

    We all love getting comments on our blogs. Not all of us are seeing the comments come in, however. Why not? Well, without reviewing your blog, I can't really say. But, I can share some ideas on how to get more people to comment. Over the… read more