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Where, Oh Where Can I Find Content For My Pet Blog?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture2Don't you just love those days when you sit down to blog and you are so overrun with ideas that your fingers simply can't keep up? Your blog will be stuffed with pet-centric blog posts from here to eternity because of the plethora of ideas… right? Well, not always so much. Let's face it, for those of you who blog consistently, there are times when no matter how good your editorial calendar, you will simply either have run dry on ideas or you will be faced with the brick wall of, "Haven't I already written about this?" Paws up if you've been there! 

Here are some of the steps I take to formulate a blog post or ezine article when I simply do not have an idea from which to begin:

  • Tell a success story. It could be your
    own or your pet’s success (Housebreaking Mastered!) or the success story of a
    friend or colleague. A heartwarming story of a rescue, etc. Let your readers
    know you’ve been there, done that and here is a story to make you smile!
  • Have you considered in which realm your
    readers consider you a resource or an expert? If you haven’t, you need to do
    that pronto. If you have, then write content geared toward those areas to
    enhance your expert status.
  • Subscribe to newsletters, newspapers,
    ezines, trade magazines and online sites for information in your industry.
    Industry news offers a readily available topic of conversation and could even
    lead to your writing an article on a trending topic and thus bumping your site
    up in the search engines. If you're part of a pet community, listen in and see what is top of mind with the members. 
  • Have you attended a pet conference
    recently? Sat in on a networking event at which you learned something that even
    if it’s not pet-related you could work into a pet-related topic?
  • Write a Top 10, or 5, or 7 list or a how-to post;
    readers love quick, bulleted tip lists. They’re usually full of useful
    information and are a quick read.
  • Interview industry experts. Could you
    host a Q&A on your blog with a pet industry expert or pet blogger you
    admire? Of course you could! Ask if they’d be willing, send along some
    questions, edit for clarity and length and voila you have a blog post!
  • Do you have a must-read list? If you’re
    an avid reader, consider posting book reviews on topics in your blog niche.
  • Tap into experts by “borrowing” a post
    from their site. Provide an intro then link to their site – this helps their
    rankings as well as your own. For example, “Here is a great blog post written
    by renowned pet lover Suzy Q on how to prepare a puppy for a first time road
    trip. Read more about it here.” Link to her article, give her full credit, and
    with a modicum of effort you’ve populated your blog for the day.

What are your best tips for coming up with blog content when the
idea factory simply appears to be closed? 




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  1. Since most of my blogs posts revolve around photos I’ve taken, I go back through my photo folders and take a fresh look at what I have. While my favorites have mostly likely already been posted, sometimes the “B” rated photos will still provide inspiration I didn’t see on the first go round.

  2. I get blog post ideas from our dogs, other dog parents, other bloggers, question/answer sites, groups/communities, from the local news, from books I read, and – best source ever – my readers.
    Conversations we have typically lead to a great post and I created a Suggest a Topic link encouraging them to suggest ideas. It’s a great way to build a loyal community around your blog.

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