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What Did You Miss On BlogPaws This Week? We Share All!

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Whew! It's the weekend again? Where does the time go? If you're like all of us here at BlogPaws, it's
HenriettaMonday sometimes hard to keep up with everything that is going on on the world wide web, so every Saturday we do our part to help you catch up with what you might have missed on BlogPaws. Let's dive right in! 

  • On Monday, we continued our round up of the fabulous prizes that are being offered by BlogPaws Community Members as we continue to celebrate National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. We still have many great prizes to give away before the month ends and we jump into July's theme which will be Pet Safety. 
  • Divorces are up, birth rates are down, families are smaller, life expectancies in general are up and guess what this means? More and more people are seeking the companionship of animals… On Tuesday, fellow BlogPaws Team Member Carol Bryant shared a post that explained Why Pet Bloggers Are The Voice Of Authority.
  • on Wordless Wednesday we were graced with many pictures that showed what Kitty Power is all about! (And no, we didn't forget our other four-legged friends on this blog hop!) 
  • Sustainability. Going Green. Lessening your carbon footprint. What does all of that have to do with pets and pet bloggers? Carol Bryant explains in her Thursday post that lets pet bloggers know what they should do about going green.  
  • Friday was National Bring Your Dog to Work Day and BlogPaws Team Member Felissa Elfenbein shared tips to make your dog's day at the office a great one. From taking a potty walk before heading into the office to keeping the balls and chew toys at home, she offered ways to make your pet a model office worker! Do you take your dog to work? How does it work out for you, your dog and your office mates? (The photo here is my Diva Poodle and her take on a hectic Monday at the home office!) 

Don't forget to join our Pet Bloggers Network and to sign up for our exciting 2014 BlogPaws Event that will be held in Las Vegas! 


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