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National Bring Your Pet to Work Day

6a0120a678c547970b0191039d81cf970c-150wiFriday, June 21st is National Bring Your Pet to work Day. Will you be bringing your Pet to work with you? If you are here are some things to think about.
As a Blogger your pets are in the limelight whether you have a readership of 50 or of 50,000. You and your pets should be shining examples of why every day should be bring your pet to work day.

1. Exercise your dog before arriving at the office. No matter what your dog will be a small distraction in an office that does not normally allow pets. You don’t want your dog to start running around the office and bumping into expensive office equipment, tripping your boss, or making someone spill white out all over an important document.

2. Get to the office early go for a potty walk around the building and then take your dog into the office when there aren’t that many people around. Let them get used to the new place.

3. Go out on potty breaks often. Your dog obviously has a regular routine for potty time but when in a strange environment with all sorts of smells on the floor accidents happen. Don’t let them happen go out every 2 or 3 hours even for short 5 minute breaks. Your coworkers will volunteer to take your dog out – it means getting to be out in the sun for a few minutes and breathing in some fresh air.

4. Bring a comfy bed from home or their crate so your dog has somewhere safe to sleep. If your dog is going to insist on hanging out on the spare chair in your office bring a towel to cover it with. Not everyone thinks it is awesome that your dog sleeps on chairs.

5. Bring a water bowl and a water bottle filled with the same water they normally have at home. Water can have all sorts of things in it and even if you drink from the same water fountain every day at work it could have something in it that upsets your dog’s stomach.

6. Bring lots of treats cut into small pieces or instead of feeding breakfast bring the kibble in a bag and allow your coworkers to give your dog treats throughout the day. Make sure the treats are given for good behavior like sitting nicely or going into a down and certainly not for jumping up on your coworkers new dress.

7. If your dog starts barking immediately do something to change the situation. Do not let them be a distraction to the office.

8. NO BALLS, STICKS, or Throw toy of any kind should come with you to the office. A stuffed animal or other quiet toy is fine. Even a clean chew bone that will help occupy your dog while you need to be working is a good idea.

9. Do not let your dog have the run of the entire office (even if you are the boss) keep them on a leash, in your office with the door closed, or use a baby gate.
Your dog should be an example of how nice it is to have a dog visit the office.

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