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What Are You Putting Off?

What can you do right NOW to get the most out of your pet business? Shawna Schuh discusses the importance of not procrastinating in this short video tip. 



If you want short tips and ideas for doing better in your pet business, then Shawna Schuh, President and Chief Pet Wrangler of Women in the Pet Industry, shares some quick and quirky videos just for you! Shawna has expertise in business, communication and advanced people skills that can help pet professionals prosper! Check out these fast and fun videos that feature her top marketing dog, Stewart.  www.womeninthepetindustry.com

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  1. Yippee! Sharing tips with pet professionals makes me wag!
    Thanks Yvonne and The BlogPaws team!
    If you want to visit the site – just put http://www.WomenInThePetIndustry.com in your browser and up we jump!
    I’ll be at the BlogPaws Conference and hope to hear ideas you want video tips on!
    What other video pet blog sites should we visit?

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