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Twitter: 10 Ways To Use it More Effectively

BlogPaws-LikeButton-LabCoat-Large Over the weekend I discovered an article on a geek site called Bit Rebels that shares 10 was to use twitter as a tool, more than a chat room. It's written by Misty Belardo of podJam.tv – where I see another twitter post, Top 7 Myths that Can Hamper Your Tweeting Experience, which is also a good read.

Since Twitter is truly a powerful tool, when used effectively, I saved the article for later reference and thought it would be a good bit of information for a Monday.

I'll share four of the ways and request that you visit the Bit Rebel blog to read the post. (the numbers are the author's, to keep things simple)

2. To save the environment – You have seen tweets that are a call to action to help us save the environment. There are links that offer ways and tips on how we can save our planet NOW! (isn't helping to save the environment also a way to help save animals? And people?)

4. News Feed – One can get first hand information fast and from reliable sources real time! Happy-tongued-dog

6. As a TV Channel – Some of the Twitter power users use Ustream to connect with their followers and share live via video chat or video feed! If you want to do a demo or just interact with your followers and talk with them personally via video, this is the way to go!

8. As a Classified Ads/ Job Section – People and companies now share job openings on Twitter! There are even accounts that solely do classified ads type of tweets. There are even those that share bargains and sale information! One just needs to know who to follow!

Hop over and read all of the ways to use twitter – and tell Misty how you use twitter. Happy tweets!

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