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Twelve Ways to Keep Pets Healthy Year Round

healthy pets

Pet bloggers will sometimes disagree, always feel passionately about what they write, but there is one topic on which all pet bloggers and pet parents will agree: A healthy pet is a happy pet and we all want our pets to be both: Happy and healthy.

With January being a month of new year’s resolutions and forward thinking for people and pets alike, BlogPaws is taking this time for a reality check.

How many of you are sticking to the resolutions made 29 days ago? Need a little boost or reminder?

Is your pet a part of a new year, new healthy regimen, and keeping fit? January is a celebration of getting fit with your pet and February is dubbed “Spoil Your Pet” month at BlogPaws.

What better way to spoil your pet than with the gift of good health?

On February 7th and 8th, our friends at Hill’s are partnering with PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospitals for a huge event that you are invited to attend.

#Paws4PetHealth is the official hashtag and PetSmart stores are the official destination for pet parents to learn how simple changes can make a big difference in a pet’s overall wellness. Stop in to your local PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital on February 7th and 8th to get:

Banfield Pet Hospital® Exam and Consultation Offer: Get a FREE Physical Exam with Weight & Oral Check

Personalized Pet Food Advice from a Veterinarian or Nutritional Consultant

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healthy pets

Here are 10 tips to get you and your pet on track toward a healthy living lifestyle throughout all of 2015: (by the way, did you know four out of five people who make resolutions break them by the end of January?)

Month by month, set a goal of something you will do with or for your pet(s), and then make it happen. At the end of 2015, you and your pet will have achieved 12 goals. Here’s a month-by-month goal calendar for you and your pet(s):


Use the remainder of the month to set achievable goals: Pick just one a month and then act on those goals. Don’t overwhelm or overplan.


Stop in to your local PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital on February 7th and 8th to partake in #Paws4PetHealth.


National Poison Prevention Week occurs in March, so clean out those medicine cabinets, safely dispose of expired medications and treats, and ensure pets do not have access to cupboards or dangerous products or meds.


Since April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, make a “go to” home emergency kit and travel emergency kit or purchase one fully stocked.


One of the biggest weeks of awareness in May is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. (Speaking of teeth, you are brushing your pet’s teeth daily by now, right?) If you have human children, teach them the dos and don’ts of approaching a dog, including when to pet a dog and how to do so.

Olive looking pensive


National Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 22nd, but you should also take your pet for a general veterinary checkup, since this is the half-way point of the year.


Do you have an escape plan that includes your dog if a fire were to occur in your residence? July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day. Ensure you have a fire-escape route plan in place and check your smoke alarm batteries.


Back to school time means checking your pet’s paws. Regularly examine your pet’s paws and pads, looking for any cuts, cracks, blisters, or lacerations.


Give your pet a tummy rub or pat down. Pets are calmer, happier, and connect with us emotionally when we pet, massage, and rub them. Additionally, you’ll be aware if any concerning lumps or bumps develop and you can share with your veterinarian.

teri cat



It’s Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month in October, so spread the word about a dog in need and perhaps considering a pal for your current pet. All pets in shelters need homes, so spread the word and share a pet in need on social media.


As leaves fall from the trees, ticks burrow beneath, waiting for the chance to leap onto your dog (or cat, ferret) as a host. Do a flea and tick check and talk with your pet’s vet about year-round protection.


Celebrate the season and give your pet a thorough assessment: How is his weight? Is he coat looking and feeling good? What about your ferret or cat? Are you a fish owner? Is the tank in needing of a cleaning? And all the bird parents: How’s things in the cage?

 Did we miss any tips to keep pets happy and healthy year round?

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