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Taking Twitter Beyond a Tweet

Toby Bloomberg 2010 Photo_2Taking Twitter beyond a tweet sounds too be good to be true, but if you ask Toby Bloomberg about it, she knows it can be done.

Through examples and our session conversation Toby will explore on
how 140 characters can help you meet your communication goals when she hosts a session on Saturday, May 18, at BlogPaws in Tysons Corner, Virginia. As you plan the sessions of interest for this sold out event, here's what to expect from Toby's class:

BlogPaws: Thanks for joining us. Have you ever been to a BlogPaws Conference?

Toby Bloomberg: This is my first.

BlogPaws: What do you hope people gain/learn by attending your

Toby: A
deeper understanding of how to use Twitter to achieve your "end game"
success. A few new tools to use to measure, find influencers and build
community. A safe environment to share expereinces so we can learn together.

Toby Bloomberg _Conference Atlanta
BlogPaws: What are you most anticipating about attending the conference?

Toby: Meeting
attendees and speakers who are passionate about their pets and social media.
 And of course sharing stories about Max.

BlogPaws: Do you have pets and if so, their names/ages/types:

Toby: Max,
West Highland Terrier aka a Westie. 12-years .. he's sure he is still a

BlogPaws: Where can people learn more about you? (blog, Twitter
handle, Facebook links, etc):

Toby: Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/tobybloomberg
Diva Marketing: www.divamarketingblog.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TobyDiva
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/tobydiva/

BlogPaws: Just for fun, what is something about you people would
be surprised to learn?

Toby: Let's
take this back to Max. With over 14,200 views, Max is a YouTube rock star. He's
video is about what is a best friend.

been told that it's been used in classrooms to start discussions with kids.

BlogPaws: What is one website you visit at least once daily?

Toby: Wall
Street Journal

BlogPaws: What is a favorite blog or blogger you follow regularly? (other than
your own)

Toby: Beth's Blog; Although Beth's focus is on nonprofits, her insights into social
media are applicable for any type of business. Plus she generously shares so much of her work including
Powerpoint decks.

Join Toby for "Taking Twitter Beyond a Tweet" from 2 to 3 pm on Saturday, May 18th. See you there!

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