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  • Blogging Best Practices: Sharpen your Basic WordPress Skills

    wordpress skills

    WordPress skills will make or break your success as a blogger! SEO is Google’s ways of determining a website’s “intentions” so that it can best recommend your links to users. You must leverage the plug-ins and features available to sharpen your SEO skills. Remember: SEO will… read more


  • 3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

    3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

    Brush up on your WordPress skills: Here, we’ve rounded up three posts that share critical info to improve your website. Comb through these posts chock full of WordPress tips this weekend! WordPress Tips and Tricks with Jessica Shipman For those of you who love to learn… read more


  • 7 Things to Consider When Vetting WordPress Plugins

    7 Things to Consider When Vetting WordPress Plugins

    WordPress is amazing. Everyone knows it, too, from the most seasoned web developers to the greenest rookies. It’s simple, it’s modular, and, if you know what you’re doing, it’s inexpensive. Like I said: Amazing. In most cases I could stop there, but then we couldn’t gush… read more


  • 5 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a slow loading site. Unless you really, really need to see the content on the site, each second of wait time drastically increases your chances of clicking away or closing your browser window. Plus, our friend Google also… read more


  • Starting a New Blog? How To Choose the Blogging Platform That Is Right for You

    Starting a New Blog? How To Choose the Blogging Platform That Is Right for You

    When starting a new blog, one of the first decisions you have to make is where you want your blog to live. In other words, step one is deciding what blogging platform works best for you and your blogging goals. Some of the big players such… read more


  • Best Practices for Bloggers: What is a nofollow tag?

    When should bloggers use nofollow?

    If you’ve participated in a sponsored campaign–through the BlogPaws network or otherwise–you’ve likely seen the requirement to use a nofollow tag. For new bloggers or bloggers unfamiliar with the behind-the-curtain HTML aspects of their blog, this can be a confusing concept. What is a nofollow tag… read more


  • 3 Simple Steps to Take Today to Make Your Blog More Secure

    Make your blog more secure today

    Why wait for something to go wrong with your blog before taking action? Tackle security issues in just a few minutes. Start with these three steps to take today–in a matter of minutes–to make your blog more secure. Change your password. When was the last time… read more


  • WordPress Tips and Tricks with Jessica Shipman

    WordPress tips and Tricks

    How many of you are on WordPress? From community discussions, it seems like many of us! From those same discussions, it also seems like many of us have numerous questions and concerns about the platform. One of the sessions at BlogPaws 2016 aims to assuage our… read more


  • WordPress Plugins: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    labrador retriever

    One of the key advantages to using WordPress as your blog publishing system is the fact that there is a robust library of WordPress plugins to help you customize and extend the features of your WordPress site.  Plugins are essentially add-ons that you can install with… read more


  • Is WordPress a Blessing or a Curse?

    WordPress is without question the most popular blogger publishing system. A full featured content management system (CMS), WordPress is used by a reported 65 million websites and blog sites across the world, according to Pingdom.com.  It is also used by more than half of the top… read more