3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

Brush up on your WordPress skills: Here, we’ve rounded up three posts that share critical info to improve your website. Comb through these posts chock full of WordPress tips this weekend!

3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

WordPress Tips and Tricks with Jessica Shipman

For those of you who love to learn via video, WordPress expert, Jessica Shipman, shares her top tips for users at all skill levels. In under 10 minutes, Jessica answers WordPress FAQs and shares her insights on fixing technical problems–step one: breathe!

5 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Is your site sluggish? Are load times slower than you prefer? In this post, five comprehensive points help you speed up your site and keep visitors around to read your hard work! Try one or try them all.

7 Things to Consider When Vetting WordPress Plugins

Plugins are among the biggest benefits of using WordPress for your blog. However, they can also cause big problems behind the scenes. Here, WordPress guru Michael Ferrari shares his tips on how to vet a WordPress plugin before you click install.

Need more WordPress tips?

Great news: On Tuesday, October 10, from 8:30 to 9:30 PM (eastern), #BlogPawsChat is dedicated to the technical side of running a WordPress blog. As a community, we’ll share tips, tricks, and best practices to make the most of the WordPress platform. Not sure how to participate in a Twitter chat? Check out this post: Twitter Chat Secrets to Improve Your Online Presence.

Between now and then, we’d love to know YOUR biggest questions about WordPress! We’d love to be prepared to provide A’s to your biggest Q’s! Leave ’em in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to address them during Tuesday’s chat!

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